Thursday, July 28, 2016


TARPON! They ain't much for eating but what a fighting fish! They're trying to get in Capt. Richie's boat now. Don't delay set up a trip! Below is all the info you need.

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Fishing Charters from St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Georgia

The Tarpon in the Coastal Georgia area near Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island are reaching the peak season!

Droves of hungry, migrating Tarpon are found all over the outer bars and sounds during July and August each season around Jekyll Island Georgia.

The Tarpon here are gorging themselves on large size Menhaden bait fish, locally known as "Pogies". Incredibly large schools/pods of Pogies, by the billions engulf the open sound areas in Coastal Georgia and the Tarpon are waiting in the shadows as they corral and herd the gigantic bait schools exactly as they like to.. The Tarpon here often stay with or near the bait schools allowing them to eat at will, day or night.

The abundance of these bait fish allow for easy cast netting by the hundreds if needed, but the tricky part will always be.. How can I get these Tarpon to choose my bait from the other 3 billion just like mine?.. Well, that's the billion dollar question, no doubt about it!

Georgia Tarpon are some of the most difficult to catch, and getting them to bite is the absolute most difficult part of Tarpon fishing from Jekyll Island or St. Simons Island in coastal Georgia.

For the fishing trip of a lifetime and your best shot at catching a Trophy Georgia Tarpon, contact us anytime @ 912-275-5577.

Fish on!

Capt. Richie Lott
GA Sport Fishing Charters

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