Friday, April 28, 2017


What Ever Happened To The Hole In The Ozone Layer?



 Many of you American millennials have been worried about climate change and seemingly related problems like the "Hole in the Ozone layer" your entire life. Many of you have marched and carried placards and waived good bye to jobs you might have needed in the name of protecting the climate. Of course the jobs simply left the United States for places like China , India, and Brazil who claimed them as part of their "Carbon Credits" (right to run dirty industries while developed nations were forced to clean up) and the global pollution seems little changed while so many of you American millennials are reaching 30 and living in your parents homes. 

  In 1984 Scientists discovered "a hole in the Ozone Layer". You don't hear much about this anymore.
The reason you don't hear much about it any more is that the hole "healed it self". The narrator in the linked video credits this to regulations put in place about 1984 restricting the use of certain refrigerants. He does admit that volcanic activity can have a dramatic effect on the "Ozone layer" and doesn't mention the several dramatic volcanic eruptions that occurred in the relevant time frame of the hole's discovery ,or the relative lack of such eruptions over the last decade. Nor does he mention the fact that it was only about the late 1970s before we had the capability to discover a hole in the Ozone layer. For all we know such holes may have always come and gone with periods of active volcanic activity. But at any rate its gone now, really gone, you can stop worrying about it. I wonder if you've also noticed that the official politically correct "global warming" has pretty much changed to "Climate change". That's basically because the globe stopped warming several years ago, and about two years ago the Atlantic Ocean's surface temperature took a measurable decrease. Not to worry, it does that every ten years or so, it's simply a temperature inversion, colder water from the deep changing places with warmer surface water. It seems to be a built in mechanism of nature that keeps the ocean temperatures equitable, and moves nutrients for the shrimp sized creatures that you and I think of as "Seafood"  to eat. Very handy and completely natural, with no artificial colors, no added hormones, and gluten free.

 Really the big bad "Hole in the Ozone" is gone, no more need for protest and street theater. The millennial narrator of the video I link you to below may be starting to mature out of the snowflake category, but it's slow process. He does admit that there may be some natural processes at work but basically credits your protests and international regulations for the "victory" over the Hole. Now while the overall use of the particular refrigerant during the decade of the Hole's demise did decline due to being virtually banned, people still ran older refrigerators and air conditioners, some of our "carbon credit entitled" members of the family of nations paid no attention to the "international accords". But I decided to let you hear the news from a millennial mouth complete with the usual social gospel drivel, because I really want you to know that the Hole is gone. At last something you can stop worrying about, and no longer need a safe space to avoid. You can of course, follow Al Gore into the now renamed "Climate change" safe space. I have no idea what we can do to reduce your fear about that one. You see snowflakes, climates change, that's what they do and the most dramatic changes in the physical history of the planet happened with out any biped participation. I know your Marxist college professors insist that "climate change" is man caused and galloping along. Your Marxist Profs are possessed of "invincible ignorance", so there is no sense arguing with them, and they raised you so , in the words of Rush Limbar ,"ditto",  When you are finally weaned off of Marxist installed invincible ignorance, maybe we can have a discussion of meteorological 5, 10, 20, and even 100 year average weather cycles vice "climate change". Meanwhile, politically correct or not' "ding dong the Hole is Dead!" Click here for video:

Your pal.

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