Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Why It's Dumb To Drive Through Water

Photo:Ralph Sanderson Wikipedia Commons

Most journeys can be put off, so consider turning back and heading home rather than ending up with a big garage bill after driving through a flooded area."-Excite Motoring 

 There has been a lot of rain and minor street flooding this Spring on the Gulf and East Coasts. Most people don't think much of driving through water that is only half way up the wheel. But as Scotty Kilmer explains in our first linked video this can be very damaging to the engine. Our second link is to a more detailed reading on the subject offered by Excite Motoring . This isn't exactly navigation or or marine technology, but it is about water. One thing we've noticed dividing our time between Annapolis and New Orleans is that streets often fill with water. Nothing is more embarrassing to a professional mariner than being stymied by a few inches of water. So so what professional mariners do, avoid driving through it, wait it out, postpone that trip in the driving rain.

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