Monday, November 27, 2017


When port security is compromised

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Admiral James A Lyons,USN (Ret.)  has recently been published in the Washington Post, a main stream media outlet we usually have little use for. Just because we view the Washington Post as a typical progressive liberal rag pushing a socialists, globalists, anti American bias dosen't mean that we don't read it. It just means we read it with a critical eye as we do all U.S main stream media. It also doesn't mean that on rare occasions an article published there doesn't pass our critical review. Such is the case with a recent article on US Port Security by Admiral Lyons. As Merchant Marine Officers and maritime professionals based in America we have a vested personal interest in port security. As many of us are former or retired affiliates of the U.S. Coast Guard we have some specific training and experience in port security. Frankly ever since the events of September 11, 2001 we have been concerned that our efforts at port security in America have been less than adequate. Apparently, so has Admiral Lyons.  Amazingly, the Washington Post has published Admiral Lyons analysis of one of what we consider to be one of the last acts of treason by the Obama administration; The leasing of the Port Canaveral container facility to Gulftainer, a Middle Eastern owned company co-owned by the Iraqi Jafar family and the Emir of Sharjah in the UAE. 

 Mr. Jafar was a close associate of Saddam Hussein, so close in fact that during Iraq 1 he was on the U.S. Central Command's hit list and could have been engaged at any time as a legitimate military target during Operation Iraqi Freedom. While part of the Saddam Hussein inner circle Mr. Jafar worked in close cooperation with the Russians in the development of the "Beach Ball", a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit on one of the Russian built "Club K cruise missiles". The club K can fit loaded and war head armed into a standard shipping container; doesn't that give you pause for thought when thinking about letting Mr. Jafar have control of a container facility near an Airforce Base, Our most important Space Flight Center, and a submarine base? 
We don't often provide links to MSM articles but this one should be read by every American. We see two forms of bias keeping Americans uninformed by the MSM. First is the liberal bias so prevelent throughout much of the print and electronic 
media, though we are the first to admit that the level of this bias varies from news outlet to out let. The second is the bias toward "infotainment" vice information in selecting news stories to be printed or aired. Audience size counts particularly with advertisers. Thankfully sometimes real expertise describing real dangers to public safety and security make it through the MSM filters. Such is the case with Admiral Lyon's article. Congradulations to the Washington Post for breaking through this time. We first warned about this danger in the pages of our blog back in January SEE: 
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