Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Small Model Ship
Photo by Jiri Hodan
In reviewing our recent stats we have found that our two most frequented sections are ADMIRALTY LAW and BOAT BUILDING.

BOAT BUILDING one of our more recently added and under built sections actually pulled in more visitors than the runner up ADMIRALTY LAW. Thank you maritime lawyers and paralegals! We do have much greater plans for the Admiralty Law section for the future but you must have noticed that we already have have some interactive research assistance features, a collection of organized hyperlinks to relevant research tools and sites in admiralty law, and reprints available to read on line of certain American Admiralty Bureau COMMENTATORS AND GUIDES. By comparison the BOAT BUILDING section began as almost an "empty room in the library". 

 Yet the boat builder visitors came in strength. Thank you boat builders. We have recently added some new books and videos in BOAT BUILDING section. Our illustration by photographer Jiri Hodan above is of a model boat or "Pond Yacht" alerting you to a relatively new feature that we are constructing for you on model boat building. Because you have clicked on "BOAT BUILDING" enough to make it the most visited of our "sections" ("special pages" in bloggereese) we have committed to a rapid expansion of quality content. We know we spend a lot of time in our blog postings on subjects of interest to naval professionals, and commercial mariners, but we treasure every visitor and now especially our professional and amateur boat builders. Without a sufficient number of visitors, as Surfing Muse (SM, our least disciplined staffer) is wont to say, "we would have to go out and get real jobs". THANK YOU AND PLEASE DROP IN OFTEN AT THE BOAT BUILDING  PAGE WE ARE WORKING CONSTANTLY AT EXPANSION AND IMPROVEMENT.

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  1. Do you have an item, or a service, or a book you'd like to recommend for inclusion in our BOAT BUILDING SECTION? Please leave a link here in the comment section. Thank you