Friday, October 3, 2014

While You Were In Your Cube, The Mother Of All Red Fish Landed In Capt. Richie's Boat. It's the Weekend Again Are You Fishing Yet?

Richie Lott

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Record Breaking size Redfish in Coastal Georgia. The fun starts here!

The week we've been waiting for has arrived, finally! The massive female Redfish are meeting with their male partners as they do each year. In some areas near +Jekyll Island Georgia, these fish grow to massive size in length and weight.

Most of our Redfish today were over 40 pounds in weight, with two giants in the 50 pound range that measured over 50 inches long. These are the fish we live to catch each October as we approach the full moon tides.

We fished with +OkumaUSA Trio 5500 size Spinning Reels on medium action rods for a top notch battle with these girls. Big fun on the water today! Ready to go and do it all again tomorrow!

Capt. Richie Lott
+Joshua Cook

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