Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Giant Reds Are Back To Jumping Into Capt. Richie's Boat Again!

Richie Lott

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The time is upon us. Spring! The big Reds are beginning to show up in Southeast Georgia around Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. This photo from last season makes an angler hot under the collar to get out and catch some just like this one!

These Coastal Georgia Communities are my native hometown and backyard fishing playground... Best of all, It just so happens these HUGE Bull Redfish roam this area for months on end in search of the maximum amount of food they can find and eat.

Huge schools of Menhaden are the primary focus of these bruiser size Redfish in Coastal Georgia and we spend a lot of time dialing in the larger size Reds up to 45-50 pounds on occasion.

If any of you are interested in catching the Redfish of a lifetime, please feel free to contact us anytime using our website found at http://www.georgiasportfishing.com

The big Reds will be in the Coastal Georgia area from now until November. A large influx of the Bulls start showing up after the new moon in March, which has just passed. GAME ON!

Thank you all for reading and looking at our photos and reports. We appreciate it very much!

Capt. Richie Lott
Georgia Sport Fishing Charters
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