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This flag could trigger the deaths of 800 million Muslims
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The Atlantic Magazine's In Depth Analysis Indicates:


 The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Atlantic author Grame Wood offers his thoughts on what that means for ISIS strategy and how the West may be able to stop it. Our analysis of Mr. Wood's analysis indicates that if he is correct, and we agree on most points, then ISIS expects eventual defeat but wants the West to mass forces at a certain time and place. They view their potential eventual defeat as the rallying point that will bring about global Muslim rule.  


 If correct, there can be no unconditional surrender, no negotiated peace, no cessation of hostilities after a massive blood letting of ISIS forces. Either their ideology must be demonstrated as false or you have to "kill every single one of them and their pet goat". Our slightly different analysis considers this fact. Of the 1.4 Billion Muslims in the world over 800 million are illiterate. Its tough to have a war of ideas with people who are abysmally ignorant, backward, unable to read, and rigidly controlled. 


 So are we left with only the hope of "killing every single one of them and their pet goat?" We had better be prepared to do exactly that but it may prove unnecessary at some point. There is a movement of about 125 million Muslims that seek to reform Islam so that it can exist in a civilized and pluralistic society.  If the bulk of the supporters of Wahhabi influenced Islam can be induced with enough pain, or guilt, the existence of an alternate and peaceful form of Islam may appear as a safe haven for them. Conversion to "reformed Islam" or other religions could stop our defenses short of having to kill every Wahhabi influenced Muslim on the planet. But if we don't show the necessary resolve and capability of doing just that we won't get their attention and due consideration of any religious ideas beyond slaughtering the rest of us.   


 Our analysis is that we should avoid at all costs massing Western Forces at the place that ISIS wants us to mass based on their religious interpretation of certain scriptural passages. But that doesn't mean fighting a war of just containment. Our war against ISIS must be one of annihilation. In terms of discrediting their ideas of the mass murder, torture, and enslavement of the rest of humanity as some sort of religious duty, the highly visible leadership of Jordan, the Kurds, and Egypt in resisting ISIS must continue. Massive resistance by non Wahhabi influenced Muslims demonstrates to those under the influence that not every Muslim buys into the sick Wahhabi doctrine.   Our view of defeating ISIS is more akin to riot control than containment. Press hard with a real war of annihilation, while showing the "collection of psychopaths" an exit into a more normal human life.  


There is no central teaching authority in Islam. Muslims follow numerous Imams with often very different views of Islam not only beyond the "Five Pillars" but also even on the meaning of the Five Pillars themselves. If the teachings of Wahhabi influenced ISIS can be made to result in unacceptable pain, the followers may turn to a form that the rest of the world can co-exist with until the innate nature of Islam as a philosophy of conquest erupts again.  The alternative quite frankly is that if ISIS continues, and much more of their blood lust is loosed in Western nations, at some point no Muslim may be left alive on earth. The West has a stake in the fight, ISIS intends to sack Rome within 5 years according to their own press. But the West can turn the entire Middle East into a glow in the dark parking lot if necessary to insure our own survival. The fight is actually between and among Muslims. If ISIS "wins" and remember in their minds they can win despite being annihilated, if they can get the West to mass forces at the Dabig, Syria. ISIS intends to annihilate the West and leaves the West with no choice but to annihilate it and all of its supporters. That could be the death knell for hundreds of thousands of Christians and Jews in the Middle East especially, and around the World. But if Muslims don't visibly lead the fight against ISIS and turn from Wahhabi influence the likely result will be about 800 million Muslim deaths. The choice is with the rest of Islam. The West is awakening and ISIS has pulled the tail of a sleeping Tiger.  

*The use of Dabiq by ISIS is symbolic of the major historical event at Dabiq, it is the name of the battle the Ottomans won which paved the way for their occupation of Iraq and the Levant for more than four centuries, as well as being the springboard for the Islamic armies to fight the Rum (Romans/European) in their quest for world domination.”

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