Sunday, July 19, 2015


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Mr. Putkin has again ordered the formation of new military reserve units. He has done this in the recent past but budgetary requirements kept the units from forming. Russia already has a large reserve force consisting of ex active duty military , they are obligated for service under particular scenarios but not much in the way of training, reporting, or participation is required of them. Mr. Putkin's current proposal would see the formation of regularly drilling, training, paid reserves similar to the ready reserve forces of the United States. The present tensions with the WEST over the Ukraine seem to be the motivating factor. The proposal for paid, organized reserves has been around since 2012. Defence Ministry officials have previously stated that the new reserve force was envisaged at roughly 5,000 men to begin with. That would be a rather small reserve for a nation with approximately 750,000 active duty military members. The actual start of the new reserve force had been delayed by a lack of funding, Putin's executive order requests the government to find financing for the new force within the existing defense ministry budget. Our analysis is that things will have to be cut from the active duty wish list in the current budget but that the reserve will be formed, and this is just the start of Russian reserve forces. The return of "normal oil prices" will allow Russia to increase its forces and reserve forces on the American model can be very cost effective.

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