Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australian Navy Ships Caught Up In China-US Island Tension


The USA Navy Oscar Austin class guided missile destroyer warship USS Lassen (DDG- 82   Photo: USN
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"AUSTRALIA has delayed a South China Sea naval exercise with Chinese warships until the United States Navy has completed its push against China’s illegal sand islands." Melbourne Herald Sun  "The American Guided Missile Destroyer USS Lassen was supported by US Navy surveillance aircraft yesterday as it cruised inside the 20km ‘exclusion zone’around the disputed Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands where China has built sand islands and air bases to back its illegal territorial claims over the disputed area."
Melbourne Herald Sun  Two Australian Navy vessels have delayed a joint exercise with China while the situation cools off a bit. Australia in its public statements have supported freedom of navigation in the South China Sea but have not yet joined the U.S. Navy in any soverignity patrol type movements or exercises. As we stated in previous articles given how long it took for the U.S. Navy to obtain political approval for such a movement it is no wonder that regional powers who also believe that China is operating outside the parameters of international law are slow to follow the U.S. lead. To be rather blunt it all boils down to the question of will the U.S. still be around after we piss off the dragon? With Obama in office its a legitimate question. READ THE ENTIRE STORY IN THE  Melbourne Herald Sun  "

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