Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cargo Crime Up In Europe


 Photo Credit: NOAA     American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies

  According to Freight Watch International (FWI) , a private security intelligence company servicing the transportation industry freight crimes such as cargo theft have doubled in frequency and cash value of losses in the third quarter of 2015. Ports remain fairly secure but once cargo leaves the docks or air terminal by truck, the trucking industry is being preyed upon. Worse, in Europe, especially in Germany, crimes against truck cargoes and drivers are becoming more violent. In Western Europe in the third quarter of 2015 443 cargo crimes were reported to the FWI, with the most in Germany with 98. Most such crime involves simple pilferage but two truck drivers were injured in Germany in the third quarter. Theft  of food and beverages now surpasses electronics for most often stolen cargo type. Warehouse burglaries are also up. Hijackings of trucks are up with 43 reported in the third quarter, or about 10% of cargo crimes.  

 Our Analysis: One can not help but notice that this surge in freight thefts and the increase in violence coincide with the recent flooding of Europe with military aged predominantly male groups of Muslim "Migrants". The increase in theft of food and beverage items may simply indicate the desperate circumstances of some of the "migrants" leading to crimes of opportunity. But the hijackings using increasingly violent methods indicate something more threatening. It would appear that a new and violent criminal element has arrived on scene, and have begun semi organized operations. Again we have little doubt where this new criminal element originates from. Complicating the police management of this new threat is the Europe wide government policy of political correctness and encouragement if "diversity". You can't fight an enemy you can't name. We believe that quite a number of police and security intelligence analysts believe as we do, but are simply not allowed to use non politically correctly language. The problem isn't limited to Europe within the various agencies and offices of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security each has "Correspondence Manuals" and "Writing Guides", even the Inspector General's Office of the US DHS must write all reports in accordance with their "Yellow Book".  Avoidance of naming the source of the terrorists activity and crime increases has been the norm even going back to the Bush Administration and is absolutely prohibited under the Obama Administration. If we are able to view next quarter's FWI statistics we will report again at the end of the final quarter. Cargo crime is up in Europe as the wave of Islamic "migrants floods in". We're a maritime blog so we don't track general police statistics, but would anyone care to guess what direction violence against women, assaults, arson, robbery etc. are heading in since the Third Quarter? Political correctness will probably keep any official commentary from appearing in our comment section. 


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