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CHINA'S LITTLE BLUE MEN:   American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies

Photo by  Bernard Gagnon published under  GNU Free Documentation License.

China Using Maritime Militia To Carry Out Its Dirty Work In Seagoing Confrontations

Full Story In Defense News:
"WASHINGTON — When the US destroyer Lassen passed near a newly-built artificial island on Subi Reef in the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands Oct. 27, it was already being escorted by several Chinese Navy warships. The US ship represented a challenge to China’s attempt to create land and declare it and the surrounding areas sovereign territory....The Chinese naval ships, reported a US Navy source, behaved professionally during the Lassen’s transit. 'They shadowed the Lassen but stayed at a safe distance.' But several smaller vessels, described by the source as merchant ships or fishing vessels, were more provocative, crossing the Lassen’s bow and maneuvering around the destroyer even as they kept their distance."

One Expert refers to the government controlled fishing vessels as "The Little Blue men", we know them to be the newly formed Chinese Maritime Militia. You can read the full story of the U.S. Navy's first encounter with the "Little Blue Men"  in Defense News
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