Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Cute Baby Elf Photo by Petr Kratochvil only known photo of a library elf

We have no idea how many of these are about the premises here in cyber space, or their names. None of us have actually seen one but we see the results of their work all the time. Even as I write this they are at work building our blog. These are the couriers who move  messages back and forth, stack and sort our information, proof read, correct grammar and spell check, store and retrieve useful images, receive and sort the mail, the list is endless. They live inside our computers and must be really tiny....and fast. But I swear they are real, look Petr got a clear picture of one through a electron microscope! When you are 66 and new to cyber space they are about as close to a logical explanation of how cyber space reality works as I'll ever come up with. So that's why we often attribute our progress to the amazing "library elves", they are crew too believe it or not. To quote a line from the movie "STRIPES"...."and that's the fact Jack!". Look at the intelligence behind those beady little eyes caught on camera just before dashing off at light speed to accomplish our bidding,
We usually can't see 'em but we want them to know we appreciate all they do.
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