Monday, December 28, 2015


 Photo: USCG

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A Mexican owned and operated "fishing vessel", which local news reports do not distinguish as either commercial or recreational ,was spotted by a U.S. Coast Guard patrol vessel out of the Coast Guard's South Padre Island Station last week. The vessel was observed to be fishing illegally in U.S. waters. Upon hailing the Mexican vessel refused to heave to and sped off at high speed. A chase ensued and eventually the Mexican vessel rammed the Coast Guard vessel on its port side, left the water and ended up briefly on the Coast Guard vessel's deck before sliding back into the water, sinking. One U.S. Coast Guard crewman was injured. The Coast Guard crew rescued the Mexican crew after they entered the water following the loss of their vessel. The Mexican Captain Jose Luis Saucedo-Lopez is under arrest for failing to obey orders from a Coast Guard vessel. Charges may ultimately be increased to reflect fleeing the scene , resisting arrest, etc.. The injuries to the Coast Guard Crewman have been described as "superficial".  There were two other fishermen on the Mexican boat, apparently none were of the Mexican crew were injured beyond getting wet. Saucedo-Lopez underwent a preliminary hearing on Christmas Eve and is bound over.


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