Thursday, April 21, 2016


Old ISIS, Note Diverse Foot Wear
 Have you noticed that as ISIS continues on basically uninterrupted, except by Kurdish resistance, and some desultory allied bombing, and an occasional inroad from Russian backed Syrian forces when not occupied putting down other resistance to the Assad regime; that their image is becoming more and more like that of a regular army? Where did the black pajamas, head rags, and tennis shoes go? They often still ride into battle, or to slaughter unarmed populations, in nice new pick up trucks, but now their ride is occasionally real tanks.  You have to wonder, regular uniforms, standardized guns and ammo, new trucks, tanks, what's next an air force? Never mind what the Obama Administration tells you, ISIS is still growing and solidifying its hold on a growing expanse of territory, and regularizing its forces, growing police elements, and civil administration. Every day it looks more and more like one bad ass, totalitarian, demonic nation state and thug army.

 Where do they get the orange jumpsuits they like to murder prisoners in?  Its a very important theatrical touch, they so like to visually imply that the people they are brutally murdering  are criminals, when often they are simply Christians, or insufficiently Muslim for the taste of ISIS. Clearly ISIS has excellent funding, regular established supply lines, and willing vendors. How does their supply system work? Why have we not disrupted it?
Orange jump suits , uniformly styled black "pajamas", and combat fatigues and web gear have to come from someone somewhere.  

Recently the Italians seized a shipment of 20,000 military fatigues at the port of Valencia. That seizure indicated some facts about the ISIS supply chain. The network apparently associated with the shipment of military fatigues appears to be capable of satisfying all sorts of military requisitions from small arms and ammo, to those infamous new Toyota trucks. On March 15, Spanish police officers seized the contents of a container at the Spanish port of Algeciras (Cádiz) and on the same day two more in Valencia. The first container contained second-hand clothing, as the customs declaration stated.

However, inside the other two containers, Italian Customs found a baler machine for packing used clothes and, hidden under piles of second-hand clothing, five tons of perfectly wrapped and labeled packages containing 20,000 brand-new military uniforms. 

The containers had come from Saudi Arabia. The origin of  the uniforms is unknown or unreported at this writing. The uniforms appear to our experienced eyes to originate from a NATO country. The manifested destination was Turkey with a port of entry of Mersin near Cyprus, additional documentation indicated inland shipment by truck to Bad al Hawa, on the other side of the Syrian border. This March seizure was part of an on g0ing operation reported to have been underway by Italian authorities since February 7, 2016.

On February 7, Italian authorities arrested seven suspected members of a support group for ISIS in Ontinyent (Valencia), Ceuta and the Alicante municipalities of Crevillent, L’Alqueria d’Asnar, Muro d’Alcoi and Alicante.

The alleged head of the network was Ammar Termanini. Termanini reportedly was  born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1972, and arrived in Spain in 2012  by way of  the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom.

Once in Spain Termanini set up a shell company, Tigre Negro S.L. (Black Tiger Ltd.), of which he was the sole manager. The company's cover was as an  importer and exporter of  textile goods. Termanini traveled often to Syria  under cover of providing humanitarian aid, and also forwarded shipments there. 

Termanini hid in plain sight among the usual collection of freight forwarders, freight consolidators, non vessel owning common carriers and other cargo related businesses seen in any port around the world. He didn't make much effort to hide which side he was on either.  Termanini had used social media to image himself as aligned with jihadists. After he came under suspicion phone taps revealed that he had switched his allegiance from Al Qaeda to the ISIS Caliphate. 

The Italians believe the  financier behind Termanini was allegedly Mohamed Abu El Rub Karima, native of  Jordan born around 1960 and a resident of Ontinyent. Inside his Karima's warehouse in the L’Altet industrial park, police found uniforms similar to those later discovered in the Valencia container. Karima raised funds and made payments through hawala, the traditional Muslim system based on trust, and which allows for near record less international movement of funds. 

 What we think all this points out is simply that all of the international Islamic community presents opportunities for ISIS to supply itself. Not everyone is a villain, but the system itself simply lends itself to easy use by the villains and does not lend itself to the normal scrutiny that all other international systems are subject to. Islamic charities based and collecting funds in the West are  providing funds to ISIS daily with immunity. Plain and simply large Muslim communities within the West present a clear and present danger and should be reduced to loyal nationals only. Just because a Muslim organization only sends part of its funds and then via indirect routes to ISIS doesn't free it from the taint of aiding and abetting the enemy. We are at war. Keep doing what we have been doing ,eventually we lose. Know your enemy, it ain't the Christians and Jews. Wake up! The Italians aren't saying who the uniform manufacturer was in this case, but our bet is the same plant has supplied many a NATO uniform. There were not enough questions asked. Could it be that the people who should have been asking the questions were afraid of being called down on "profiling". Political correctness will be the death of Western civilization.

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