Sunday, September 4, 2016


Greetings Bipeds!

 On the Gulf Coast we are attuned to tropical weather and the influence of the tropics on weather, After all, we are much closer to the Tropic of Cancer, than we are to the Washington DC home of professional climate alarmists. The Stratosphere is a portion of the atmosphere that extends from nearly 10 to about 30 miles above the surface of the earth. In that upper part of the atmosphere there doesn't seem to be much in the way of "weather" as we earth bound creatures usually think of it. Near the bottom of the Stratosphere the sky is always a cold blue; clouds , if any are below this level. Near the upper edge you may be able to see the stars in day time, you would be on "the edge of space". But don't let the visually tranquil conditions fool you, the Stratosphere is a weather maker.

"Normally", a word pregnant with meaning in meteorological discussions, the Stratosphere's "winds" in the tropics circulate Earth in alternating easterly and westerly directions over "typically" ( another word pregnant with meaning) two year periods. The westerly stratospheric winds develop at the upper altitudes of the stratospheric range,  and gradually descend to the lower levels, literally swapping places with the easterly winds. This pattern has been observed to repeat on a rather regular schedule about every 28 months since we first began studying the tropical Stratosphere with weather balloons in 1953. So for 63 years things have worked out with these tropical alternating upper atmosphere winds pretty much the same, year after year for the last 63 years.

 However professional climate alarmist became even more alarmed than usual when in late 2015 when the apparent dance of the upper tropical winds changed briefly. As Christmas loomed around the beltway, word came that the "Quasi-biennial oscillation" (AKA tropical upper atmosphere wind swap) was off its feed. Winds from the west were supposed to be making their "scheduled" descent. The "norm" ( yet another pregnant term) held that weaker easterly upper winds should replace the westerlies. Instead the westerlies seemed to move upward and block the descent of the easterlies. This apparently "new pattern", held for about six months and then the observed pattern from the last 63 years of observations reestablished itself. We know of no known measurable effect in the lower atmosphere where bipeds and catfish live .  Basically it all seems like a little burp, probably something of a minor adjustment that occurs from time to time. In terms of any earth science from meteorology to geology 63 years of recorded observations is the blink of an eye. Was the burp a once in a century, once in 500 years, once in a thousand year event, or as the alarmists would have you believe yet another sign of "man caused rapid.climate change". 

 The truth is that no one knows and can't know for many years. Don't lose any sleep over it my biped friends. Listen to your consulting catfish and ignore alarmist biped pseudo-scientists who seem to be "selling" vice investigating "climate change". Consider that recently this crowd proposed that any one publicly expressing skepticism about eminent man caused climate change be jailed.  Well, don't we object to Islam for refusing to consider or respect any other religion, and authorizing the murder of apostates (those recognized as Muslim who deny the more militant Islamic pronouncements) ?  Can a position possibly be "scientific" or accurate if it depends on the power of the state to jail people to suppress discussion? My cousin Jack, the giant catfish of the Cajuns still hasn't got the Gulf of Mexico weather totally figured out after 3,000 years of observation. But then those beltway bandit weather consultants hired by the globalist who want to send your carbon credits and jobs to other nations don't know Jack.

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