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 Hey European Bipeds!
  Hows that multiculturalism working out for you? Have you ever wondered why multiculturalism doesn't include your culture, you know the one that is native to your nation, the one that built your nation? Ever ask yourself why embracing "multiculturalism" means insulting, demeaning, dumbing down, your own culture, the one that was there first. As a 3,000 year old giant catfish I was there for the European Recognizance by sea of the world. It was the cultures, particularly the maritime cultures of Great Britain,  Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands that literally helped the world discover itself and begin communication between and among cultures. Why is that not something to be proud of? Why do you feel in the Netherlands, Britain, France, Sweden, you must cease all celebration of your native cultures because it might offend the Muslims you have foolishly allowed among you.  News flash Euro Bipeds, the Muslims among you hate you and your very existence except as subservient cash cows for  their coming Sharia tax system to support Muslim welfare . 
 For crying out loud continue to celebrate your cultural traditions including and especially your Christian traditions. Will it offend the Muslims, yes of course. Will not celebrating that which you have a hard earned right to celebrate placate their anger in any way. Hell no, there are among you to conquer you. What should you do if they take offense? That depends on how they express their offense. Any breach of the peace and all participants should be kicked out of the country. This shouldn't be a difficult moral choice, you are under siege by agents of a devilish philosophy of conquest, when caught in the act such as civil disobedience and protest of your own culture and making demands that you conform to theirs they are caught being more than just boorish guests. This is sedition . Send them back to the hell holes they came from if they do not seek to integrate and become part of your society and culture. Here is a recent example of of Islamic social aggression and lefty Euro-biped acquiescence.
 A school in Oberkassel, which if memory serves is a suburb of Dusseldorf in Germany; has decided, in light of Islamic protest, to secularize their ancient traditional St. Martin Day celebration of November 11th and call it the "Festival of Light". In my memory of pre-Christian Europe there used to be a number of festivals of light. Most occurred between November 11th and December 26th. 
File:Bundesarchiv Bild 194-0273-38, Sankt Martinszug.jpg
Children with lanterns on St. Martin's Day, 1949
Bundesarchiv, Bild 194-0273-38 / Lachmann, Hans / CC-BY-SA 3.0
Courtesy German National Archives 
 These "Festivals of light" were usually connected to the perceived end of Autumn, and the related shortening of the days or the start of winter and the perceived slight increase in daylight hours after the "longest night". Euro-bipeds had been doing these light festivals for centuries before the relevant nations adopted Christianity and the Christian Church simply organized a number of annual religious celebrations around these dates while adding rich tradition and refinement to what had been basically drunken bouts of over eating. Now, in fear of offending their Muslim over lord wannabes, the bipeds of Oberkassel, have decided to revert to their earlier pagan custom. Now if we were to believe the Muslims the one thing they hate more than Christians and Jews is Pagans. So Oberkassel how do you think the name change will work out for you in the long run?
 Supposedly, Christians and Jews according to the Koran are "Peoples of the Book" and are not required to be killed if they fail to convert to Islam. Of course they don't get off Scot free. They may be turned into the subjects of confiscatory taxes to support Islam and if they can't or won't pay then may be exiled or executed. But really this seeming loop hole is not really there. In 1995 the leading Imams of 58 Islamic nations or regions signed a Fatwa declaring that Christians and Jews are no longer to be considered peoples of the book and obligating all Muslims world wide to cooperate in their conversion or murder. 
 Now if Islam is somewhat gradually implemented in Europe the Muslims may bandy about this "people of the book" psudo exemption for a while to lull Christians and Jews into a less resistant state. But if you inadvertently re-paganize your Christian and Jewish festivals you leave your soon to be Muslim overlords with no choice. The Koran is very clear that pagans who fail to convert immediately get the "sword". 
Euro Christian Bipeds while you are still the majority why not avoid all this. Do what you have always done, celebrate your culture and invite those few Muslims who may be legitimately interested in actual integration into your national culture to join in. Some of them may be killed by their Jihadist "brethren". A sad price but necessary to sort out those who must be thrown out of your society before it is too late. Around the time of the end of the last Ice Age Euro-bipeds were having "Festivals of Light"and living in late stone age conditions. Do you really want to go retrograde? 
 Euro-bipeds lend me your ears! Cast off political correctness and the yoke of encroaching Islam now before it is too late. Celebrate St. Martin's day, Christmas, October fest, and anything else you have with a vengeance. If the Jihadist living among you resent it, observe how they express their discontent. If they come within a hair's breath of violating your law, crush their little rag bedecked heads immediately. Your individual and national lives depend on it. Ring out the Angelus, celebrate Christmas, Easter, St. Martin's day whatever. Be unabashed about being European and /or Christian. Your culture is at least as good as everyone else's and without your contribution in the form of the European Recognizance by Sea these strangers among you wouldn't know about the rest of the world. Unfortunately, because they can reach you by land and narrow seas they have been plaguing you for 14000 years.  
In the immortal words of BM1 Jesse C. Smith:
"I said it, I meant it, and I'm here to represent it"
Your Pal,

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