Friday, September 8, 2017


Image Courtesy South Florida Water Management District

 If you have been following our coverage of Hurricane Irma  the last few days you may have noted that we based our prediction that the Central and Western Gulf Coast would be unscathed by the storm based on an analysis of "Spaghetti Tracks". If you are interested in learning how "Spaghetti Tracks" are assembled, used and interpreted we suggest clicking in to Weather .

 "Spaghetti Tracks" are just one of the things you can learn about with Weather . This is a great sight for learning how to better understand national and regional forecasts and using the information provided by these official forecasts for you own micro forecasts when you are trying to make those last minute decisions such as do I have time to get to the grocery and back before the street flooding hits here? Do I have time to get to the marina to secure the boat without getting stranded on the way back?  Weather affects all of our lives profoundly, the more outdoor elements in your occupation the more dramatic the potential effects. As always we remind everyone never drive through standing water of any height. If you occasionally have to chance a car or boat run as a storm is approaching, your life may depend on your personal micro cast. Some serious study in advance could save your life or property.  Weather . is a great place to start your studies.

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