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 Anyone who reads the "Fake News" , checks facts on the Internet, or is not half brain dead has to have noticed by now that left over Obama officials, mostly those protected by civil service status as either members of the Federal Senior Executive Service (SES) or the nose bleed heights of the General Service (GS) work daily to frustrate President Trump's efforts to make good on his campaign promises. In the process of offering unceasing resistance to every White House initiative these members of the "Deep State" are daily aided and abetted by the steady stream of "Fake News" flowing from electronic media and networked print establishments. Stealthy skills in the art of back stabbing and "leaking" plus civil service rules keep these treasonous rabble in office. Unfortunately once all of them are discovered and eventually removed , a process that could easily take eight years the Deep State Resistance won't be dead because it is actually created by sources outside of the Federal Government in terms of financing and propaganda materials. American bipeds you need to know the players and your favorite catfish is here to give you the program:

 There are four major globalist, atheist, socialists anti American organizations funneling money and data useful in propaganda into the Deep State Resistance: In a nut shell these are:

MEDIA MATTERS: A propaganda mill churning out daily propaganda in the guise of pseudo reports always to advance one or all of these themes: "The President got it wrong " (pick an issue in their reports he always has it wrong). The President can't be trusted (based on little more than his not being PC), The President made a big mistake ( anything that isn't socialists approved)

AMERICAN BRIDGE TO THE 21ST CENTURY: Is dedicated to collecting and organizing potentially damaging video such as Donald Trump utterances over the years that can be edited to indicate prior positions that reflect opposite his election platform positions. Presently they offer to the MSM over 2,000 hours of old Trump footage, and  over 18,000 hours of footage of members of his cabinet.

CITIZENS FOR RESPONSIBILITY AND ETHICS in WASHINGTON (CREW) : A team of highly skilled lawyers working constantly at tracking and developing anything that could be worked into a seeming scandal. This is collection of true believers in the liberal globalists screed who mostly work pro bono.

SHAREBLUE: Is an electronic service designed to speed info that could be used to support themes as follows:
Trump is Authoritative
Trump is a Thief
Trump is under the influence of Putin
Trump is a manic depressive, weak and quick tempered personality
Trump was not elected by the majority of the American People and is therefore illegitimate.

 The money that keeps these four cogs of the well oiled anti Trump propaganda machine comes from people like George Soros, a non resident dual citizen  of the U.S. and Hungary  , the Leftist Hollywood Elite, and a number of globalists corporations. The Democratic Party which seems capable of stopping at nothing in offering resistance to the President in delivering on any of his campaign promises could disappear over night and a tremendous resistance of lefty fools and foreign interests would continue the resistance. 

 Sensible, hard working, intelligent, moral bipeds you must keep up; your freedom is at stake. Know that almost every thing negative that you hear about the President, his cabinet, or political base  is untrue and comes from the above described propaganda machine. Expect that any Republican or conservative, or simply pragmatic candidate for public office will draw fire from this networked group of character assassins.  

DON'T LET THE ROY MOORE FIASCO  BE REPEATED. VOTE FOR THE PLATFORM AND IGNORE WHATEVER IS SAID ABOUT THE CANDIDATE. What is more moral, staying home from the polls, or voting for a no chance candidate vice a candidate who may or may not be flawed but is dedicated to a platform you believe in? More so than the probable 5,000 fraudulent votes in Alabama, Republicans who stayed home, or redirected their votes to a dilution candidate put the baby killing, Islamofacists, tax and spenders into a senate seat that was until about 30 days before the election a shoe in for a candidate with common sense and a moral ethical platform that the good people of Alabama understood. Alabama you and the nation were robbed by lies specially designed to make your sense of decency work against you. Let your sense of decency inform you on PLATFORMS expect an appeal to your sense of outrage once your candidate polls strong. Don't waiver, vote the platform and always remember the worst of all lies , the most skillfully told of all lies, is the half truth. Hold to the constitutional principal that a person should be presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. These sexual allegations the Democrats love so much never seem to be fresh enough to warrant an arrest and trial so of course the "evidence" they offer will never be tested. In the Roy Moore Case the election is over and the seat lost yet just before the actual election it came out that his first accuser was in court records as living over 100 miles from the address he allegedly picked her up at on the pertinent date. The yearbook inscription was demonstrated to be fake. The other accusers brought on stage as accuser number one's credibility crumbled.....well, the election's over the seat taken by the liberals. No one is going to press the remaining "issues" unless Judge Moore runs for public office again, and then only about thirty days out. Bipeds ! are you starting to see the pattern?

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