Monday, December 4, 2017


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 The UK think tank known as the "POLICY EXCHANGE" has published a warning of the dangers of attacks on submarine telecommunications and data cables. ( See: ) . Nearly 30 submarine cables connect the UK to the US and there is a goodly amount of redundancy, but not enough to withstand a well coordinated attack. Far more of our international data is carried by submarine cable than by satellite. Indeed a military style attack on this cable net work could cripple both the US and UK economies and put military communications at risk.  The REPORT  is titled "UNDERSEA CABLES INDISPENSABLE, INSECURE"  explains in serious detail the different types of threats to submarine cables and notes correctly that such cables carry 95 to 97% of transoceanic data and telecommunications, far more than all satellites combined. Most cable breaks are accidental and some occur every year usually from contact with bottom scouring fishing equipment such a large commercial trawls. But these breaks rarely cause serious communications problems. The typical level of redundancy between most nations is sufficient to reroute these occasional breaks. However any nation that loses three or more cables at once is usually in big trouble. We introduced our readers to the importance of submarine cables to our economy and security in a post dated January 12, 2017 titled Submarine Cables Introduction and Video Histories
we also warned of the potential danger to this cable net work from Russian submarines prior to the first post mentioned above on October 26, 2015 in RUSSIAN SUBMARINES TOO NEAR SUBMERGED DATA AND COMMUNICATIONS CABLES. 

 So if you are of the school that thinks that anything you hear from a bunch of old retired mariners or a giant catfish should be verified before believing, click on the links above and read the certified report from a genuine fee charging think tank occupied by real PH.Ds.complete with a hosanna chorous from the government agents who pay the big bucks for the reports.  But remember the gang and the catfish here at AAB never charge for our advisories and the record shows we're more often than not months ahead of the expensive think tanks, and most always spot on. Policy makers, you avoid the great catfish and the crew of the harbor scow he rides in on at great peril to the tax payers treasury and your own potential for future election.

Johnas Presbyter for Namazu and crew.

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