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In our post THE DRAGON AND THE SCHOOL HOUSE  we described how China (The Dragon) was building a school in the disputed Islands of the South China Sea in order to make a claim of "effective settlement" since they lost their bid at a legal claim under "effective administration" failing to even defend themselves in the World Court when the Philippines filed suite against them. The Dragon is basically a Confucian state and wields both soft and hard power. It views itself as the "Middle Kingdom", and there is nothing middling in their meaning. To the Confucian state China is the center of the Earth and draws all peoples to her supposedly enlightened self. To those inclined to say no thanks, especially strong nations able to defend themselves militarily the dragon seeks to undermine the resistance with "soft power". Soft power can be economic or intellectual and any combination of both. In our previous post on the building of a lower school on one of the disputed islands in the South China Sea we see the Dragon expending great economic resources on a totally economically unjustified civil construction. The Dragon  virtually raised an island out of a shallows in the sea, establishing a population upon it that can never be economically sufficient, and building a school where none is needed, but at great expense they will people it with little students and photo opportunities, all to make a better eventual court case in international law for "effective settlement", the number one preferred argument before the World Court for a declaration of soverignity over previously uninhabited areas. Such a declaration could result in a radical redrawing of the oceanic exclusive economic zones in the South China Sea and move the Dragon closer to international recognition of its claim of the South China sea as a virtual Chinese lake.

 Today we examine another similar use of such "soft power" involving education in the United States.
The Chinese are starting to buy universities in the United States, some with old names and establish Chinese 'study centers" on others. All of this activity has but one purpose to indoctrinate college age young adults with a favorable view of China and blind them to the threat of the Dragon. In a recent example a few weeks ago Beijing Education Technology Company paid $40 million for Westminster Choir College, an affiliate of Rider University. The school is basically a music college that prepares performers and teachers. You can bet every effort will be made to assure graduates enter the work world with a very favorable view of China. As Beijing Education Technology is closing deals on US post secondary schools, so is China's Weiming Education Group, a Chinese company that recently bought a 58 acre campus from West Hardford University for $12.6 million with the intention of turning it into an international school. Weiming, the largest provider of private schools in China will soon be able to preach the virtues of the Dragon to an international body of students who are not from China where such propaganda might be expected, but from an American campus no doubt staffed by a largely American faculty. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg of Dragon interests in American Education. More and more Chinese students are pouring into America for higher education, the Dragon intends to secure the loyalty of her pups in every way possible by making approval of the Dragon appear to be an American cultural norm. In addition to buying into university ownership and funding cultural studies and study centers , the Dragon is investing in student housing and increasing its foot print in small college town America. All of this of course virtually unnoticed by the main stream media. It won't be easy America, with the government oblivious and the main stream media in favor, but you let the dragon near your school house at risk to the future. A school house is just an instrument of "soft power "to the Dragon who weaponizes everything. 

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