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 I've been watching the performance of America's new Chief Executive, Donald Trump ever since his inauguration. He appears to be a new phenomena in American politics, a politician who appears to be working against great odds to actually fulfill his campaign promises.  He has met with far more success than America's main stream media will ever admit to. But one prominent campaign promise seems to elude him, the elimination of "Obama Care". Between the obstructionist Democrats (DIMS) in Congress and their secret allies the Republicans in name only (RINOS) , he hasn't gotten much in the way of reform of this horribly flawed program done, much less the promised repeal and replacement. The DIMS and the DINOS are aided and abetted in their campaigns to continue to impose Obama Care, the first ever government program in America to require Americans to buy something whether they wanted it or not., by America's main stream media.

 I remember a time when the "free press of America" was the envy of the world but today they have a deserved reputation as a propaganda organ of the Democratic party, as purveyors of "Fake News". Despite our Editor in Chief's constant whining about my tendency to drift off the maritime topic line I am far too busy to constantly analyze all of the fake news out there. But one item struck me due to the media's constant harping and the obvious untruth involved. When you first hear it almost any reasonable person would be alarmed by the threatened repeal and replacement of Obama Care, as long as they didn't realize it is not only untrue but irrational and mathematically impossible.

Here it is:

"24 million people will die if Obama Care is repealed"

 An amazing and scary claim and often reported in the media and mentioned in editorials against the repeal of this noxious law, and always reported without comment when uttered by news worthy opponents of repeal. But let's examine this claim in the light of reason and its pretty simple reason that even DIMS could understand, if they actually used a little logic.


 Surely the repeal of Obama Care wouldn't result in 100% fatalities among the affected policy holders, most generally aren't even sick. In addition, to accept this assertion it is necessity to not only assume that the fatality rate from repeal would include 100% of the 11 million policy holders, the Dims and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are still short 13 million fatalities in their estimate. 

 Where do the DIMS and MSM expect to find the additional 13 million human deaths to give their figures any validity?  How do they expect to assure that all 11 million policy holders will die?  

 Here is a scary thought the Obama Care legislation is so lengthy that virtually no one has read it. However, among those who had made the attempt there was quite an uproar about "death committees" written into the bill designed as an economy measure to withhold treatment from those judged by these committees to be terminally ill. Even if that provision is used to the max by Deep State purveyors of this misbegotten legislation, they couldn't possibly kill off that many people and disguise the effort as medical necessities. But the American Left isn't worried, they are now as far left intellectually as any lefty movement ever known. The left has always had a method for meeting such statistical goals. Its called the firing squad.


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