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 Well, America's the liberal progressive (socialist globalist) propaganda machine otherwise known as CNN. CBS. NBC, ABC, PBS, and such publications as America Today, Time Warner Publications, most big municipal daily papers, etc. are at it again. While still stirring a bogus pot of "Russian issues"and hysteria over the President supposedly "ignoring" his Intelligence Chiefs (see: THE GREAT NAMAZU INTRODUCES "ARRIAS" ON THE PRESIDENT AND THE INTELLIGENCE SERVICES AND FAKE NEWS).
The Fake news industry is trying to create out of whole cloth the idea that it is illogical, irregular, unprecedented, and dangerous for the President to revoke the security clearances of former government officials who happen to oppose him publicly. 

The list of former officials that the President is seeking to revoke the security clearances on include but probably are not limited to CIA former Director John Brennan, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former FBI Director James Comey, former national security advisor, Susan Rice, former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, and former National Security Director Michael Hayden, according to the usual leaky sources. According to all of the media mavens whose shorts are bunched up over the entire idea of these people being "stripped" of their security clearances; this is felonious Trump "misbehavior". Really, shouldn't the public be made aware of the the following facts before making such an assertion as if it was gospel.

1. All military and civil servants are routinely "stripped" of their security clearances when they leave the military or civil service. These authorities to access classified materials are not the personal property of those they are issued to. Classified clearances are given to government officials on a "need to know basis". When a cleared person leaves government service they no longer have a need to know. The surrender of their classified clearance, and all access and identification gear, and classified materials in their possession is routine and close to universal.

2. The exception to the above rules is that certain high ranking officials who may be subject to consultation or recall to duty may sometimes retain clearances. But there are conditions to non active former Federal officials continuing to hold classified clearances. 

 First the President or a cabinet member level official must honestly anticipate that the person allowed to retain clearance is likely to be subjected to consultation and recall. 

 Second, the person continuing to hold the clearance must be willing to submit to any and all periodic background checks required to continue to maintain the clearance. He or she must also continue to obey all the relevant laws, rules , policies, and regulations associated with such access to classified materials.

 Third,the person continuing to hold the clearance may not reveal sensitive, inside, or classified information to any one, particularly not enemy agents or the media.

 In the case of all of the people above they have exhibited very hostile attitudes towards the President. Their chances of being recalled or consulted are thus close to zero. The primary reason for making an exception to the rule does not apply to any of the above cited former officials. This fact alone places upon the President the right, duty and obligation to rescind their clearances. Moreover, the people named above have extensive contact with the media and don't hesitate to grant interviews, appear as "talking heads" or guest analysts. No one having even a part time career in journalism ( or in this case propaganda) should continue to have access to classified material. 

 The purpose of the classified security clearance system is to protect our national secrets. What better way to compromise our national secrets than to give part time, full time . or simply aspiring media personalities (calling any of them "journalists would be a real stretch) personal access to our national secrets? Clearly the President has a legally binding duty to recover the security clearances of the people in question. Why does the main stream media have their shorts all bunched up over this issue? 

 First they resent loss of the open door to the national secrets that the these people represented to them plus their appearance of credibility that the continued security clearances represented.

  Second of course is that most of the main stream media has an agenda opposed to the policies of the Trump administration. The commitment to carry out these policies is what resulted in Trump's election. When you are a dedicated socialist, globalist ,agnostic hell bent on insuring by any means necessary that all Americans adopt your values, you are insanely impelled to attack Trump any way you can.  

 We reiterate, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, McCabe, and  Hayden, must surrender any classified material still in their possession, and any documents indicating that they are in possession of a valid security clearance immediately. This demand is not Trump behaving outside of the law, but of the named individuals failing to comply. They continued to hold such on an exception to the normal rule that by their own actions they can no longer qualify for. Holding a valid and active security clearance is incompatible as a matter of black letter law with the level of media exposure these people seek. Time to move on boys and girls and stop trying to parlay your public service into a new and lucrative career at the expense of the security of the nation. And make no mistake about it, granting and revoking security clearances is an executive action that ultimately rests with the President. Neither Congress or the Media gets a say so. Mr. President you have a right, a duty, and an obligation to remove these people from the lists of those who have access to classified material and places as quickly as possible. Please act. 

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