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   While this book isn't maritime in Character it is historical and political and provides a unique insight into today's and yesterday's American Democratic Party. While the constitution provides no specific role for political parties our history has evolved into a largely two party system. Of late it has become more polarized and confrontational. As navalist we are concerned with the preservation and protection of the nation and one of those parties, the American Democratic party appears to us to be emerging as a determined enemy of the U.S. Constitution, a market economy, secure borders, and a decent national defense. We think it is important for all of us to learn the extent to which this true and how it came about. 

 Dinesh D'Sousa looks the history of the Democratic party squarely in the eye and comes to some unflinching but reasoned conclusions that Americans can not ignore. Our own fear is that if the Democratic party as presently led and financed comes to power again, America will cease to be a great power, or perhaps even a coherent nation. We have seen the party up close of late and understand that it long ago completed a "drift to the left" and is now , at best, a full blown socialists party. 

 Mr. D'Sousa examines the party's origins back to the years before the civil war and sees something far more sinister and longer evolving towards an end that most Americans do not want. He makes a highly believable case that the American Democratic Party is bent on turning the United States into a massive nanny state based on the U.S. pre Civil War plantation system. D'Sousa evolves his argument with a sweeping historical review of the history of the Democratic Party going back to its foundations in the antebellum South. 

 The Democrats have done such a through job of selling a revisionist view of history that we often forget that they were the party of slavery and it was the Republicans who fought to eliminate it. The Democrats have launched accusations at Republicans for so long attempting to hang the "Nazi"label on them that we have collectively forgotten that the Nazis were a national socialists party. As D'Sousa observes the slave holders of the Old South evolved a plantation system for organizing labor and political support that was in essence a mini welfare state on each plantation made legitimate through the state governments. In theory, in exchange for cradle to grave care, the slave provided labor for a life time. The system bred dependency and punished any inclinations towards independence. The plantation model had an impression on northern Democrats who were struggling with an influx of European immigrants. While the Northern Democrats didn't rely on chattel slavery they forged a plantation system designed for the evolving factory system of manufacture that relied on political machines and patronage to keep the workers in virtual peonage. These urban political machines dominated Democratic politics for decades and a few are still around. 

 According to D'sousa's analysis the Democrats have now morphed into a multi racial / ethnic plantation system. Their system embraces ghettos for blacks, barrios for Latinos, and reservations for Native Americans. Whites across all class and occupational lines are the last hold outs according to D'Sousa. The democrats now blame them for the bigotry and racial exploitation actually generated by the Democrats themselves. Following D'Sousa's observations and opinions down through history we do see that tyranny is more often a system used by the left, the socialists, than the right, especially not by pragmatists, or centrists. We don't trust political parties period. But we have come to so fear the ill intentions and lack of any ethical or discernible moral base in today's Democratic party that we fear the night mare D'Sousa describes and to a very particular extent has experienced in his own life. Every American Should Read "DEATH OF A NATION". hopefully before the November elections. If anything could convince Centrist Democrats to walk away from the plantation this book would do it. We hope they will vote Republican in droves to help save the nation from the harm already done and the residual agents still working to defeat America. However, we don't hope for a massive conversion of Centrist Democrats. We hope that they will form a new party left of the Republicans but recognizable as American. 

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