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Official Senate Photograph (PD) 

The truth is this. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who is pale skinned, blue eyed, claimed that her Mother and Father had to run away to get married because of the prejudice against her mom who she claimed "was a Cherokee". She has complained that President Trump's pointed barbs aimed at her attempt to pawn herself off as a Cherokee were insulting to her mother. And on Elizabeth goes constantly about her suffering mom....we are supposed to believe what.... raised on a Reservation amid great prejudice?  Warren was born on June 22,1949 in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma . She was the fourth child of middle class parents Donald Jones Herring and Pauline (nee Reed) Herring. Her earliest paternal American ancestor of record was her great grandfather John Hayes Herring an English immigrant who arrived in America in 1866. The senator owns a 5,4 million dollar mansion and delivers lectures on how the system in the US favors the rich. She of course is a prime example, especially of how the rich often get richer by devouring the poor. She claimed "Native American Heritage" to land a Harvard faculty job paying $350.000 annually to teach one class. She claimed to be of Cherokee ancestry and stated that her mother and father (both now dead and unable to be questioned) had to run away to get married because of the prejudice against her mother , a Cherokee. In her desire to embarrass Donald Trump for calling her out on these claims she hired a geneticist to "prove" her "Indian Heritage". Here are the results of her own test.

 She was found to possibly have one native American ancestor 6 to 10 generations ago (obviously not in the line of her great grandfather who only arrived in 1866). Definitely her mother was no citizen of the Cherokee nation, had a "white" birth certificate, and and certainly photographed as "white":

SEEDS OF DOUBT: Elizabeth Warren — seen with her mother in a campaign ad, above — claims her maternal grandparents had Native American lineage, but a genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society couldn’t find any p
Elizabeth Warren and her mom from a campaign poster

Warren's own researcher placed her one possible native American ancestor at 6 to 10 generations back making her claim about her mother's persecution because of her Cherokee background highly unlikely. Warren has claimed a mix of Cherokee and Delaware blood lines. But her geneticist could find only one unadmixed possible native American ancestor, and made no tribal identity. Depending on which analysis you believe of these findings she has between 1/32 part Native American genetic make up if that ancestor was in the 6th generation ( probably maternal line) and 1/512 part Native American genetic make up if that possible ancestor was in the 10th generation. Other analysts place her Native American ancestry , if any, at "1/64 to 1/ 1024 part genetic make up based on her own geneticist findings . 

Some geneticist point out that Native American blood lines are very difficult to trace because in fact Native Americans are not uniform in their racial make up. It appears that Europeans and Asians entered prehistoric America many times before 1492 and not all native peoples come exclusively from Asian human stock that crossed a land bridge now submerged in the Bering Sea. If we accept the 1/64th blood line Warren is about average for 1 in 10 "white Americans. This level of Native American genetic material in "whites" isn't even uncommon in England. For centuries after James Town there was two way traffic across the Atlantic. Pocahontas herself was received in the Court of St. James. When we look for this level of Native American genetic background among white Americans with ancestors from North America going back beyond 1850 these trace elements become even more common. The Cherokee Nation is not anxious to claim her having released a report after the publication of her self commissioned genetic tests to the effect ; "  that "using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong."

 Rejection by the Cherokee Nation of her claims to native American status is only the start of the can of worms that "Fauxahontas" has stirred up by trying to embarrass Donald Trump with some genetic hocus pocus. The DAILY MAIL  reports :
"The great-great-great grandfather of Elizabeth Warren - who has long claimed to be part Native American - was not married to a Cherokee but actually rounded them up for the Trail of Tears, it has been claimed." The DAILY MAIL article claimed that ; "Warren's ancestor Jonathan Crawford was a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes." 

 Despite the facts and the controversies the main stream media generally has reported the findings as vindication of Senator Warrens claims, despite the obvious lie about her mother. Our findings is that the Senator is caught in the worst of all lies, a half truth. Yes she has a minuscule amount of native American genetic material, no more than many "whites" on both sides of the Atlantic have. She spin doctored that fact into a nice job at a big Eastern College that probably should have gone to a real native American, and actual registered tribal member. She is a globalist, socialists , anti capitalist rabble rouser who is trying to identify as non white so as to appeal to what she believes is a non white Democratic base. News flash Fauxcohontas! Republicans don't just come in one color. Most American Whites are hardly "Lilly white pure breds"and most Americans black, white, red, and yellow actually don't hate each other. We've had it with the politics of division and urge  the people of Massachusetts to dump this embarrassment to your state, and every one to ignore her if she runs for president. 
This woman is the absolute epitome of the radical addle brained "snow flake". 

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