Saturday, November 10, 2018



Its been a couple of weeks since the President announced to the sound of crickets in the lame stream media his latest slap in the face to the Russian Bear. The bear needed at least a bitch slapping, if not a right cross, over its misbehavior and constant violation of the INTERMEDIATE RANGE NUCLEAR FORCE TREATY (INF). Regan and Gorbachev signed the treaty back in 1987. The treaty was supposed to eliminate all land based  missiles with effective ranges between 500 and 5,000 kilometers (310 miles to 3,417 miles). In fact it did eliminate the US Pershings and our ground launched cruise missiles. It probably eliminated some Soviet intermediate range missiles. Unfortunately while the US spent the years between 1987 and 1991 deconstructing this portion of our nuclear arsenal, the Bear just kept on violating the treaty while successive US presidents did nothing in protest. "The Donald" has ended that situtaion. 

Citing Article XV, paragraph 2 of the treaty he pulled the US out of the treaty based on past and now on going Russian violations. We've noticed that all over the English speaking world they name streets after the bear "ONE WAY". "The Trumpster's" response in this case was simply "America First you fat hairy bear!". 

The straw that broke the camel's back was that the Bear has been testing and probably deployed their M729 cruise missile.  This is a clear Russian violation of the treaty. The Dragon didn't sign the treaty and has been building such "theater wapons" as fast as possible. So while the Bear assures us that we must act to recover our defensive position relative to "Theater Nukes", the Dragon all by itself, makes it necessary to respond to their threat with weapons formerly banned to us by a treaty that the Bear refuses to honor. The lame stream media has largely not reacted to this story as it doesn't jib with their Trump as Russian puppet narrative. Where they have been unable to avoid carrying the story they scream that the President ( you know the one the American People elected vice her majesty Killarey) is making the world more dangerous. Which he is if you mean more dangerous for the Dragon, the Russians, the Iranians and other world dictator wanna be types. 

The analysts who have chosen to interpret this as Trump making the world more dangerous, couldn't be further from the truth. The world is only becoming less susceptibe to Russian and Chinese nuclear black mail. Credibility is the key to nuclear deterrence. If all we have is the big city / region leveling weapons we are unlikely to use them in the face of a hit by a smaller though nuclear weapon that confines its damage to say the space of a major strategic air base and some immediately surrounding territory. In short the United States as a moral and ethical nation is unlikely to respond to a base killer with a city killer weapon. But at present we have no appropriate nuclear response to the weapons the Bear and the Dragon are actually building and deploying. 

The Bear and the Dragon are starting to see American gigantic strategic, vice tactical nuclear forces as not very credible. Both beasts see the US as lacking the national will to respond to a local force annilating attack with a nation killing weapon. Of course neither beast would hesitate to do so. Donald Trump knows every attack on America will be met with massive antiwar movements. The Bear and the Dragon are probably right. So we are left with no choice but to restock our theater nukes. Formal withdrawal from the treaty is exactly the right first move. 

Right now neither beast is willing to do anything but forge ahead emboldened by 8 years of the Obama cowardice. But the President's bold move serves them notice that they have started an arms race. The Soviet Union fell due to such a race. President Regan forced them to go broke trying to keep up with the US. This move by Trump gives them an out. They can eliminate the possiblilty of regime change as a result of national bankruptcy by simply ceasing the expense of building an arsenal we can rapidly out pace, and redirecting the funds to quality of life measures for their own populations. Trump is inviting the Bear and the Dragon to sue for peace or risk regime change at the hands of their own people. It's all of a piece. Tariffs, arms races, even the US finincial debt to China are all being used by this President to halt aggression. As a business man he understands that just as lenders have leverage over browers, big enough borrowers have leverage over lenders. 

No one expects that if China started a war with the US that we would continue to pay our debts while engaged in a contest of arms. We don't owe Russia but we were a big help to them after the fall of the Soviet union. We won't be very cooperative if they continue to be hostile to our every intention. We have nothing to fear from a new Cold War. We won the last one, we'll win a new one. The Bear and the Dragon know their best bet is to avoid a new Cold War at all costs. But the constant presence of our internal enemies and their determination to bring down this President reinforce the determination of the Dragon and the Bear to continue towards peer power status. The challenge for the American People is simple. Can we hold on to Trump and defang the Democrats permanently? If yes America will hold on for at least another one hundred years. If not, don't make any long range plans its that simple. 


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