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American Cruise Ship Captain Fined Over Fuel Sulfur Content By French Court

The Azura (file image) from the Maritime Executive Post 

BY MAREX 2018-11-26 17:20:00
 On Monday November 26, 2018 a french maritime court in Maeseille finded American Master Mariner, Capt. Evans Hout, of the P&O cruise ship AZURA $110,000 for using fuel with a sulfur content 0.18% above a disputed regulatory limit. While the court did rule that the parent organization of the P&O , Carnival Corporation should pay $90,000 of the fine we have to wonder just how much the French Court thinks an American Master working aboard a foreign flag ship makes in a year. How accurate are the testing methods of sulphur content that a tiny fraction of 1% of the regulatory sulphur limit is detectable and not disputable? Why is the Captain's part of the fine higher than many fines to individuals for full blown larceny related felonies. More over why is the French court enforcing this regulation now after informing the cruise industry that it would not apply to cruise ships. This is just one more example of how socialists Western governments are making minute details of of deviations from regulated maritime activity criminal. One has to wonder why anyone would want to be a Merchant Marine Officer today. We urge our readers to review the full story in the MARITIME EXECUTIVE. The MARITIME EXECUTIVE appears to be providing excellent coverage of the broad problem of near global criminalization of minor maritime operational missteps. You can always find a live link to the MARITIME EXECUTIVE and other maritime periodicals in our NEWS AND INTELLIGENCE SECTION'

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