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An Analysis of U.S. China Strategic Competition In Military  Technological and Industrial Development by Tai Ming Cheung and Thomas G. Mahnken

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There is a growing military technological competition between the United States and China. This growing competition is an integral part a larger strategic contest. To understand this complicated military technological competition requires an in depth understanding of the military, political, economic , drivers behind the phenomena. This military technological rivalry evolves out of the larger geostrategic and geo-ecomoic competition involving the "Middle Kingdom's" desire to control the China Seas and their neighboring littoral states as virtually a Chinese lake and vassal islands. China is behind at the moment, in our opinion, in this technological race. But the United States is just starting to awaken to the fact that a race is on. This technological contest is just getting underway. We anticipate that it will grow rapidly and become more complex and intense over time. 

 We do see some similarities in this modern day conflict between near peer powers and the old "Cold War". We understand this conflict to be quite different in nature despite the surface similarities with the old "Cold War". The Cold war was primarily a contest between ideologies communism vs capitalism. The Soviet block had its allies or vassal states and the United States had its allies, but in the new contest the military and industrial , and commercial boundaries are blurred. The contest is taking place in a globalized interdependent economy. Geo-economic determinants are coming to the foreground and will make for some strange bed fellows. 

 The book is an anthology of sorts , a collection of essays by experts carefully selected and edited to address the military and industrial elements of the growing competition between the United States and China. The limitation of the work to these limited aspects of the competition works well for keeping the book readable and reasonably sized. But this is not the comprehensive all purpose examination of the subject. Probably no one volume would ever suffice. But we find it to be a highly useful and insightful work for this portion of the contest and at this stage of the evolution of the conflict. We highly recommend the work for journalists, political scientists (and their students), naval officers especially any junior officers with orders to the region or to the Naval Post Graduate school or War College. We also believe that Commercial maritime management may find the insights useful as would many people in the State Department. 

About $ 30 to $110 depending on hard cover , paper back or kindle editions new or used.. At our last check Amazon had a variety of editions in stock.  

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