Thursday, February 21, 2019



THE GREAT NAMAZU: Retired Japanese Demigod , Maritime Analyst, and Political Commentator


 Previously we posted on the growing number of illegal aliens illegally voting in the United States. That was some months ago and being rather a conservative catfish, I was rather conservative in my estimate of the problem. Of course I also posted on how large numbers of illegals participating in the US Census skew representation in favor of the states running "Sanctuary Cities". I repeat some of those cautions in the post below. The information now being posted by the Los Angeles Times  , hardly a bastion of conservatism , observations only relevant to the Los Angeles area, are so alarming compared to my earlier estimates that every American should consider the facts outlined below as reported by LA TIMES. Consider that what the LA TIMES is saying about Los Angeles is probably true proportionately in the other California Sanctuary Cities. Then consider that similar situations exist in New York, and parts of Florida and Texas. The reconquest of our South West is definitely underway and seriously making progress. Its not the state of Mexico that is taking over, it is a movement of illegal aliens who are empowered and urged into action by the leadership of the American Democratic Party. Here  are some highlights of the statistics as reported in the LA TIMES. 

1. There are approximately 10.2 million people living in Los Angeles and about 40% of the workers are working for cash and paying no income tax. This is largely because the bulk of these non tax payers, many of whom consume taxpayer funded social services and subsidies are illegal aliens.

2. 95% of the warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for Illegal Aliens.

3. 75% of the people on the LAPD's "Most Wanted List" are illegal aliens.

4. Over 2/3 of the births in Los Angeles are to illegal Mexicans and paid for by California's tax payer funded " Medi-Cal". 

5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California's correction system are Mexican Nationals who entered the country illegally. They are not incarcerated for their illegal entry but for serious violent and property crimes. 

6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages.

7. The FBI reports that it is estimated that half of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from "south of the Border".

8. Nearly 60% of the occupants of all HUD properties in the Los Angeles area are illegal aliens.

9. 21 radio stations in the  Los Angeles area are Spanish speaking.

10. Of the approximately 10.2 million people in Los Angeles County 5.1 million report English as their primary language, 3.9 report Spanish. What do you think the proportion will be in a few years if we do not stop illegal immigration in its tracks now?

  Now here is some food for thought about the impact of this illegal influx nationally:

 1. Nationally less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops but 29% are on welfare.

2. Over 70% of the annual population growth nationally averaged is due to illegal immigration. This jumps to 90% in places like California , Florida and New York.

 Why is California slipping beneath the RECONQUISTA boot heel? The politicians in California demand an open border, stop California police from assisting the feds in enforcing our immigration and naturalization laws or border security. The state requires no proof of citizenship for a drivers license, and has a "motor voter law". In addition, most of the cities in California are "sanctuary cities" in which the city governments refuse to follow Federal law and punish their local police if they show any inclination to do so. 

 Who benefits from these practises?  Nancy Pelosi and all of her kindred spirit local politicians. She and her like minded state and municipal office holders are able to wield power beyond their wildest dreams through all of these illegals who keep them in office and skew California's impact on the rest of the nation.  Even if only 2 million of these illegals vote , most get reported on the census which Pelosi and her fellow travelers had adjusted so as to not question citizenship. Under the US Constitution written by men with common sense who never imagined such an organized non military coup the number of Congressmen that a state gets is determined by the population, not by the voter register. California may have as many as twice as many congressmen as the state is constitutionally entitled to, but for the the Democratic party maneuver to remove citizenship related questions from the census. What we wrote about this census packing with illegal immigrants is as true today as when we first posted the ideas below: 

 ".....illegal voting by illegal aliens is not the only way they tip the balance of any Federal election in favor of the deranged (er...I meant to say "democrats" but you get it) . The mere presence of illegals within a state , especially a state like California now declared as a complete "sanctuary state" by their own "Governor Moonbeam" tips Presidential elections. You see these illegals are counted by the U.S. Census Bureau as "citizens" or "residents" of the states they illegally reside in. This practice in turn skews the numbers that determine how many congressional seats a given state gets and how many Electoral College votes the state gets in determining Presidential elections. 

 We have another census coming up in 2020. That census will determine how many congressional seats and Electoral College votes states like California and all others that disregard Federal immigration law will have in the subsequent elections. We estimate that there are about 22 million illegal aliens residing in the United States. They are not evenly spread across the land scape. They favor residence in states like California, New York, Florida, and Texas. Their presence dilutes the strength of Republican legal residents in Texas and Florida and puts California and New York over the top in Electoral College seats and Congressional seats, where illegal voting by these pseudo democrats is not only tolerated but encouraged. Giving these states additional Congressional seats and Electoral College votes is manifestly unfair and disenfranchises legitimate Republican voters. It is illegal, when people like Governor Moonbeam collude with others to hide illegal aliens in residence to the disenfranchisement of lawful voters they violate criminally the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is obviously unconstitutional to allow such a twisting of the census. The problem is so large that there exist a real possibility that the House could switch  to Democratic control by 2019 and a demonic Democratic global socialists again would occupy the White House by 2021

 Write the President, he could issue an executive order requiring the Census Bureau to identify only lawful residents and to take pains to establish such lawful identity. This would mean more burning of shoe leather and the related expense and less reliance on forms returned by mail. Of course such an executive order would be immediately challenged by the so called "justices" of the "Deep State" as they have challenged every Trump Executive Order and rubber stamped any and all Obama orders in the past, but it's worth a shot. The sooner it is issued the sooner it can be challenged and fast tracked to the US Supreme Court where it would have a fair chance of being upheld. In the meanwhile also write your Congressional Representatives and Senators for a legislative attack on this problem. Now is the time to act.  Remember the next Democrat in the White House probably won't be "Obama light" but a far more virulent form of the cancer than that which recently vacated the White House. 

 Of course one of the first things the new democratic dominated Congress proposed as soon as the new more virulent demonrats were sworn in was to eliminate the electoral college.  That of course would make all of the red "Great Flyover States" irrelevant. California, New York, and the small handful of reliably Blue states with the aid of their illegal voters would have a majority of any popular vote. They would then put into office collectivist globalists popular with the nut case electorates in those few states and roundly hated in the majority of the country. A perfect recipe for violent revolution. Of course the power hungry and short sighted elite like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck would not be happy when the RECONQUISTA dominated states of California , and by then possibly Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado wanted to succeed and join Mexico or form an independent republic. This would reduce the power of the demonrat elite and they would probably deploy Federal troops to secure the succeeding states. Meanwhile the powers in office in the RECONQUISTA STATES would probably resort to armed force to hold the original tax paying population in place to support their welfare programs, as the tax payers did everything in their power to relocate to the Great Flyover States. Meanwhile Michigan would probably be ready to establish a Sharia Law Islamic state. About seventeen contiguous Fly Over States would probably opt for freedom from the Demonrats mess but would have to purchase it by force of arms. 

 Things don't have to be this way. I hear so many American bipeds lamenting that the Pelosi crowd are obviously "traitors" but no one seems able to prosecute them. American bipeds you need a dose of legal sophistication. "Treason is so narrowly defined in your constitution that the charge can never be made to stick when your nation is not at war with a foreign state power. But when the demonrats are doing is costing you your voting and representational constitution rights. There is a law against that. Whenever any two or more people conspire to deny anyone a right granted by the constitution and take action against the exercise of that right such an action is a felony. Pelosi, Shumer, the whole new crop of freshmen demonrat congressmen, more than half of the municipal and state authorities in California are guilty of violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The potential complainants  are countless. All of those illegal aliens are in violation of the law. A massive law enforcement and diligent prosecutorial effort could nip this mess in the bud. The American main stream media the chief propaganda arm of the demonrats will scream to high heaven. 

 Some of these media mavens  need to be arrested for aiding and abetting the felony violation of your rights. The law must be enforced or you are going to see the end of the greatest experiment in human rights ever seen on the face of the earth. All those illegal immigrant inmates should not be returned to the welfare rolls when their jail sentences are up, they need to be deported. The turn coat American office holders violating your rights need to take up their prison bunks and lose their rights to vote and hold office when they have served their sentences. Those state laws that encourage illegal alien voting need to be struck down in Federal court. All non citizens who have voted should be rounded up and deported. The rest of the illegal aliens should be given the opportunity to register and have their cases heard before an immigration judge. any found who failed to register should be arrested and immediately deported . BUT FIRST YOU MUST SECURE THE SOUTHERN BORDER AND CUT OFF THE CONSTANT GROWTH IN RECONQUISTA  MANPOWER.  SECOND YOU MUST DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR COLLECTIVE POWER TO ELIMINATE THE  DEMONRATS FROM CONGRESS AND THE DEMONRATS AND RINOS FROM THE SENATE AND SECURE THE WHITE HOUSE AGAINST ALL DEMONRAT CHALLENGERS. THE PRICE OF FAILURE IS THE FALL OF YOUR COUNTRY IN JUST A FEW YEARS. 

 You'll need a tough guy as President to carry this off. If you have to hold your nose to do it, make sure you vote for Trump. The demonrats will sell you into slavery to the RECONQUISTA and the ISLAMOFACISTS. WAKE UP AMERICA!