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We have reviewed the M/V VETERAN and Capt. Mike in these pages before and suggested they are a must experience if you are visiting the Chesapeake Bay area . We revisit them now in order to bring you more contact information and some idea about pricing. I have served in the Merchant Marine for decades and while service has included many large industrial vessels I did spend three years in the excursion boat trade for two different owners, and one year in the Charter yacht business. I'm a sophisticated and informed consumer of such services and former long term resident of the Annapolis, MD area .I don't hesitate to recommend the services of the Golden Age Charters. Here is a link to the M/V Veteran's first appearance in our pages.

 While we repeat this information from an advertisement, It is not for us an advertisement but an endorsement. We do not accept advertisements at the present time from anyone but actual fellows of our sister company Helios Ruehls, Inc and these are clearly marked :"Advertisements". We do not sell anything in our blog. We do not receive sales commissions of any kind. We certainly don't collect sales taxes for any state. However we do link visitors often to vendors who are providing books or services that we recommend and might other wise be a bit difficult to find.. Anything our visitors purchase through such vendor links is strictly between  our visitors and the vendor including  all manner of Internet Sales Tax. The region around Annapolis is full of authentic maritime experiences of historic value and some cheesy services that might entertain children but not inform them. THE VETERAN is for all ages expect to disembark entertained and informed. 

Johnas Prybster , Editor

Offering year round Sunrise / Sunset Cruises, On Board Dining, Holiday Outings, Event Hosting, Weddings, Sightseeing, Head Rate Outings and much, much more

aboard the historic Buyboat M/V Veteran with Captain Sheffield. Whether it is just you or you and a group looking for a Chesapeake Bay experience you will treasure forever, contact us today!


⚓ ADULTS: $20 ⚓ CHILDREN: $15 ⚓

Cruises depart from the Urbanna Town Marina and include water, sodas & a photo package!
(442) Bay-4-You Call, text, PM or email to reserve your spot! (442) Bay-4-You


Cruises are for up to 6 people & include non-alcoholic beverages & a photo package!

We make your Bay-dreams come true!
(442) Bay - 4 - You
Welcome Aboard!
My name is Michael Sheffield, USCG licensed captain of the Chesapeake Bay Buyboat Veteran out of Urbanna, Virginia. Veteran was originally named Elsie Louise and hauled freight and dredged oysters for over 65 years.
She was then converted to a menhaden snapper rig in the 1980s and rechristened Georgeanna. Her menhaden career lasted until 2002 when she began a brief career in towing and salvage work. In 2007 she retired and was reshaped into a luxury cruiser and rechristened Veteran, the name she bears today. Through four careers and three deck designs she has kept her hull lines and her spirit intact and today carries on in the indomitable tradition of the adaptable and capable Chesapeake Bay Buyboat.
Want to read more about the life and times of Veteran? Click HERE to read the article in the Southside Sentinel. It is a well written read by Larry Chowning.
We look forward to sharing our love of the history of our region and the wonders of life on the water with you and yours today!
Contact us today for charters, fundraising opportunities, appearances or to find out more about Veteran!

phone: (442) Bay-4-You
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