Friday, February 28, 2020


The US Navy Now In Possession Of A New Kind of Iranian Missile

The crew of the USS Normandy seized a shipment of advanced weapons.
The Crews of the USS NORMANDY and USS FOREST SHERMAN APPARENTLY  weren't after missiles when they gave chase and ultimately boarded an Iranian vessel suspected of violating embargoes of certain cargoes to Yemen,. Photo by U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael H. Lehman) 19 Feb 2020

In a surprise catch the crews of the USS NORMANDY and USS FOREST SHERMAN seized 358 surface to air missile components as well as "Dehivayieh" anti tank weapons in two separate incidents. . The  Sailors aboard the destroyer FORREST SHERMAN and cruiser NORMANDY combined,  confiscated eight of a new type missile in tact.. U.S. Naval Intelligence knew of the existence of this type of missile in Iranian hands from capture of component parts,and their observable use on the battlefield, including occasional shots at US Warships. The actions of the NORMANDY and FOREST SHERMAN mark the first time that intact missiles of this type have fallen into US Navy custody, Navy sources have described the missiles as "uniquely of Iranian design".The weapons and component parts were destined for the Iranian proxy force, the Houthis in Yemen. Iran has backed the Houthis forces for years.In 2015 the radical Houthis seized control of much of Yemen and drove the President into exile in Saudi Arabia. The war between the Yemen loyalist and their Saudi allies against the Houthis continues.. 

Thanks to Capt. William Horn, USN (Ret.) for alerting us to this story skipped over by the mass media but making headlines on publicly available military publications 

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