Saturday, March 7, 2020


America Must Shape the World’s  AI Norms — or Dictators Will. 

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The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) is galloping ahead of our understanding of how to encourage the development in ways that support individual freedom and democracy. China is fast advancing in this field and will use it to keep better track of their citizens their movements and what they have to say. If America doesn't over take and articulate the norms for AI, dictatorial regimes will. "DEFENSE ONE" an online magazine on defense and national security matters is carrying a post written by four former Secretaries of Defense.
We urge all of our visitors to take a few minutes and use our hot links to shift over to "DEFENSE ONE" and read America Must Shape the World’s AI Norms — or Dictators Will  ( )

File:Didrachm Phaistos obverse CdM.jpg
Silver didrachma from Crete depicting Talos, an ancient mythical automaton with artificial intelligence

Our Thanks To Capt. Bill Horn, USN (Ret.) for alerting us to this site and post.

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