Friday, April 10, 2020

Important Launch Of GPS System Satellite Delayed By The C-19 Outbreak.

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President Trump moved to strengthen U,S. infrastructure against the disruption of critical Space based services such as GPS.The relevant executive order addresses improvement of precision , and timing or "PNT". Not only will such actions improve commercial navigation but it also improves our military's precision strike warfare capability. The Executive order is designed to  prevent an electronic disruption of the numerous systems that rely on accurate PNT, most notably the GPS navigation system. American commercial  uses of PNT presently include traffic management and precision agriculture and in the future will be needed for driver-less cars and drones; additionally critical infrastructures reliant on PNT include the electrical power generation and distribution grid., communications infrastructure and mobile devices, transportation, weather forecasting and emergency response.The President ordered Federal agencies to investigate and survey their PNT vulnerabilities within one year. Federal agencies are directed under the order to survey PNT vulnerabilities within one year.

The executive order is designed to help ensure that we will have uninterrupted access to essential services that rely on PNT, However in our opinion the executive order does more to strengthen accuracy withing the system than to prevent or help recovery from enemy attack. We direct your attention to our Space Force related white paper;
which among other things presents a low cost land based defensive system against such threats. We are all for improvements in accuracy. However we think the GPS and comparable systems need real protection and rapid recovery of capabilities. That appears to be part of a growing portfolio of tentative missions for the new Space Force. The link below will take you to the relevant post.

As written the executive order reflects the growing threat to government, the military and society as a whole from electronic warfare such as an electromagnetic pulse, a nuclear blast or a solar storm. U.S. Intelligence and senior Military planners expect major electronic attacks against precision navigation systems like GPS satellites in the early stages of a break out of hostilities.
GPS is a critical link in conducting precision-strike warfare.  Most advanced missiles systems rely on information provided by the satellites to guide missiles to specific targets, often with an accuracy of several feet. The new Space Force is already involved in the GPS mission. And it has run into a snag courtesy of the COVID-19 Virus. See below for more details. 

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