Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blood on Brown Water, Chapter 2 g


Delta Towing Told Captain Verret to Train His New Mate in Anchor Handling Techniques.

 In late 2000, Delta assigned Mr. V to act as Captain Verret's relief Pilot (sometimes referred to as "mate" in this publication, in reality in a two watch system the position is second captain. The position is supposed to be filled by an officer competent to take over any and all of the duties of the master) aboard the M/V MOHAWK EAGLE, and was the first anchor- handling vessel on which Mr. V had ever worked. Since Mr.Vhad little or no experience in anchor handling operations, Delta directed Captain Verret to train him. But Delta had no program , procedures, tests, or written materials of any kind on how to train newly licensed mates to become relief pilots on anchor handling tugs.
Additionally, Delta did not give Captain Verret any help to train his own "relief" pilot while training Mr. V. Both Captain Verret and his experienced relief (had one been assigned) could take turns training MR.V. However , Delta chose the less expensive route and left the full burden of training Mr.V. with Captain Verret Alone. 

 Captain Verret had to teach Mr.V to use the winch controls, hook buoys, and pick up anchors. Captain Verret first let Mr. V watch him perform these tasks, then try them himself so his mate could get the feel for it. One M/V MOHAWK EAGLE deckhand recalled that since Mr. V did not know how to perform anchor -handling operations, "the old man (Captain Verret) had to be up long hours showing him, teaching him, you know"

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