Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dolphin like boats updated 4/24/2016

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 We don't want to give away the surprise but these are definitely the strangest and most "high performance" personal water craft we've ever seen. These are definitely "personal water craft" priced   in a range that is reachable by a "mass market". Certainly drug lords could own whole fleets. If you are a Coast Guard marine safety professional you'll be concerned about a fleet of these things developing operated by the untrained and with handling characteristics that are hard to believe. If you are a Coast Guard maritime security professional or naval professional you have to ask the questions:

1. Can this be covered with a sonar and radar resistive coating?
2. Can the dolphin like motion be conducted at a more dolphin like  speed until the final run to target?
3. With the cockpit camouflaged better and the speed slowed a bit at what point would a look out be sure he was not looking at a marine mammal?

Click on the first hyper-link below and then after you've seen the first video, click on the YouTube return arrow or close the tab and view the next one by clicking on the hyper link here. The personal watercraft, maybe not just for recreation any more?


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