Monday, July 30, 2012

Into the Black Sea and Beyond

 Two Chinese naval vessels have passed through the Suez Canal and entered the Mediterranean Sea. These were the LUHU class destroyer QINGDAD and the JIANGKAI-II class frigate YANTAI. Both ships were recently relieved as part of the 11th Chinese anti- piracy task group in the Gulf of Aden now reconstituted as the 12th. It appears these ships are returning the long way via a series of goodwill port calls and may return to China eventually via an Around the Horn trip with stops in Africa.
The supply ship WEISAN also part of the 11th did not enter the Med with the war ships. According to Suez Canal officials the ships are carrying some aid cargoes for Black Sea Ports, fueling added speculation as to the whereabouts and future movements of the supply ship WEISAN. Frigates and destroyers are not noted for their cargo carrying capacity. 

Source: American Admiralty Informational Services (AAIS) any news media accounts will be posted in the News section when available.

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