Friday, December 26, 2014

Philippine Navy Wants 3 Submarines

Philippine Navy and Coast Guard craft exercising with a U.S. Navy war ship, Photo U.S. Navy

 The Philippine Navy facing ever more naval pressure from China to surrender its entire United Nations Law of The Sea  (UNCLOS) Authorized Exclusive Economic Zone , Contiguous Zone, and even portions of its 12 mile territorial sea wants to add at least three submarines to its navy. As a first step the Philippines has created a submarine office to start developing  the necessary skills and infrastructure. According to Philippine Navy Vice Commander rear Admiral Caesar Taccad the anticipated rule of thumb in creating a submarine service is 10 years. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that the Philippine Navy is in the midst of an expensive surface fleet modernization program and the nation is expanding its Coast Guard; expensive undertakings for a relatively small nation with a still developing economy and lots of social needs. But in order to develop economically the Philippines needs it soverignity and all of its resources including the sea based resources coveted by that old dragon, China.

 Starting a submarine service won't be easy because The Philippines closest ally , the United States uses only large nuclear submarines, too expensive for the Philippines to operate. The United states has no diesel submarine training school house to offer, and shrinking cash reserves. The Philippines will be searching the world market for diesel submarines and training resources. Considering that some Dutch legislators are predicting that the EU will be Muslim dominated in 12 years, each year that goes by shrinks the potential provider list for the largely Catholic Philippines, already plagued by Islamic insurgents in some quarters. This in no small measure is another factor in the recent Philippines / Japanese rapprochement.  While Japan invaded the Philippines and administered a brutal occupation two generations ago, today they face a mutual enemy in China. Japan, however regards Islam, and we think correctly, not as a religion but as an evil world domination ideology intent on mayhem and has outlawed it within Japan where no mosque may be built and no Muslims are granted permanent residency and Arabic may not be taught. Japan reliably will not be Muslim at the moment that the Philippines is in need of an ally against China or an Islamic attack or both.

 The Philippines are starting up a submarine office today knowing that it may take ten years to put the first submarine to sea and that each passing year increases the level of difficulty. However there is a reality based logic to their endeavor. The submarines are only one contemplated part of a second phase of their naval modernization program which starts with a greater and more capable surface fleet of naval and coast guard vessels. The anticipated three submarines would be part of a surface fleet protective force that would come to the aid of embattled surface ships. This protective force would consist of anti-ship missile equipped surface vessels, anti-ship/anti air missile shore batteries, as well as a limited number of submarines. Intended for war in the national littorals, Philippine submarines need not be long range, or high duration. They must be stealthy and deadly. We know the Philippine people. They are capable of great self sacrifice and courage. We predict that they will elect to make such sacrifices as need be to create an effective naval defense on time, even if they must sacrifice economically and socially. Philippine soverignity has never been surrendered without a fierce fight. More over ,the Philippines have never been friendless in the world. Unlike China, that old much feared dragon and  thug, the plucky Philippines is admired. Through nearly a century of seafaring service within the U.S. Navy Philippine ties to the U.S. are more than diplomatic, they are blood ties of families that share citizens in both nations and of shared mutual military resistance to a fierce enemy in the not so distant past. As arrogant as the Dragon is at some level it knows that it can't dominate or occupy the Philippines without being dealt a crippling blow. Let's hope wiser heads come to power in China before it is too late.  


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  1. See: an issue of the Diplomat tracing progress towards the Philippine Navy's attempt to develop submarine skills and actual submarines for their fleet. As of 5/17/2018 they have yet to either complete the training pipeline or acquire actual submarines. But the Philippine Navy still asserts that they need and want submarines.