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Living with the Shadow Warriors: Stories by the 

Wives of the Navy's Ferret Flyers 

 Namazu's pal Vic Socotra has produced this book for the authors and now offers it through Amazon.  The book cover icon above will take you to the Amazon point of purchase. The Vic Socotra link will take you to Vic's website for a background read on the subject. This is a first of its kind offering from Socotra House Publishing. Needless to say we here at American Admiralty Books are very pleased with this development as is Vic's old pal Namazu. Vic's mentor and friend the late Rear Admiral "Mac" Showers was quite impressed with the eleven ladies who first lived the experience in the mid 1950s and then produced the book. For the time being we are going to carry it in our 'NAVAL INTEREST" section but may cross list it in other sections as well. The Great Namazu will hold forth on the work in the very near future.

 "These are stories written by eleven Navy wives who were living in the Philippines, in 1953 to 1956 during the Cold War. Their husbands were flying highly secret missions off the coast of China and Russia. They never knew when their husbands would leave or when they were coming back home, or if they would come back. In late October, the squadron moved from the P.I. to Japan. The book took seven years to complete. Quote from RADM "Mac" Showers, USN-Ret. "Their individual accounts of experiences reveal the good, the bad and the ugly, and occasionally the very ugly aspects of life abroad in strange and often very difficult circumstances. That they managed to cope, to provide loyal support to their husbands who regularly carried out assigned secretive missions, to raise their children, and to generally improve the conditions under which they lived is vivid testimony to the strength of character represented by each."

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