Wednesday, August 19, 2015


The Philippines Plan  To Open A Base Near Disputed Sea Areas With Or Without  Without US Assistance / Participation.


 The Philippine Defense Secretary announced on August 14, 2015 the Philippine intention to open a navy and airforce base facing the heavily contested South China Sea even if a proposed American military presence does not materialize .

The plans have been in the works for two years at the Subic Bay Freeport positioning fighter jets and frigates where they can respond quickly to Chinese intrusions into Philippine exclusive economic zones and territorial seas. 

The Philippines signed an accord last year allowing  allied American forces to temporarily station in the area.However,  the pact became uncertain after left-wing groups questioned its constitutionality in  the Philippine Supreme Court. 

While the Secretary Mr. Gazmin stated that a  US military presence in the area would help,  the government would proceed to construct the bases soon, even if the court eventually decides against access for US troops. 

Three years after the seizure of a strategic reef by China within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines , the Philippine Senate ratified a pact allowing American forces to return annually for combat drills. 

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