Monday, August 31, 2015


Dreadnought 2050: Here's What The Navy Of The future Could Be Sailing 

According to the TELEGRAPH

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 This  ship the DREADNOUGHT changed naval history by immediately out classing everything else in existence.

 In a recent issue of the British publication the TELEGRAPH some serious out of the box thinking was displayed. Looking back at the launch of the 1906 game changer the HMS DREADNOUGHT the publication decided to speculate in print and in illustrations what a mid 21st century naval game changer might be like. What they describe is not evolutionary but revolutionary. Navies of course tend to be conservative and with good reason. What is possible is not always adopted in favor of a more evolutionary approach, again with good reason. But every now and then such as the battle between the MERRIMACK and the MONITOR  someone is forced to adopt whole hog and seemingly all at once almost experimental naval technology and suddenly the whol;e world must follow suite or become relegated to ineffective naval power. Every naval professional and every tax payer in every naval nation should have a look at this article in the TELEGRAPH. At least then ,if at mid century you find the 50 year projected service life of naval vessels we as advertised today isn't holding you won't be caught completely flatfooted about the technologies which could cause a revolution in war ship construction  by mid century. For the full story and illustrations click here: TELEGRAPH 

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