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WOMEN WHO FISH: by Debbie Kay
 A Love Story, Finding Love While Covered In Fish Guts
Photo: Source unknown assumed PD

 We receive regular daily E-mails from the FLY FISHING GROUP. We read all of it but are only able to re-post and link you to a few items. Recently ANGLER'S CLUB MAGAZINE shared an article with the FLY FISHING GROUP. Debbie Kay, the author is a fisheries biologists who met her husband of 13 years while serving aboard a commercial fishing vessel in the Bering sea, a place we have often blogged about. She was serving as a by- catch observer / analysts and the job required the dissection of a lot of fish. She was generally dressed in commercial fishing togs which are slime and salt water resistant , baggy and not very fashionable. But her future husband could see her beauty despite the layers of waterproof bib overalls and float coats, all coated in fish residues. Part Cinderella story, and told somewhat in the manner of ALL I EVER NEEDED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN ( ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW TO STAY HAPPILY MARRIED I LEARNED FISHING THE BEARING SEA). It's truly entertaining and inspiring article that we are pleased to link you to.

 The reader should however keep in mind that this is a description of a marriage of two fisheries industry professionals. We hate to burst Debbie's bubble but out in the real world where most avid fishermen are week end amateurs women who are willing to clean and cook fish are highly sought after.  Really for the ordinary Joe Six pack spin fisherman any woman who obviously enjoys fishing and cleans her own catch is suspected of probably being able to cook it as well. This automatically gives her a free pass on looking, or even smelling scruffy out on the fishing pier. The single fishermen are seriously trying to envision what she looks like scrubbed up. Any decent looking woman who will actually catch, clean, and cook fish gets an automatic extra 10% if not more, credit in the looks department. Really its not much different than the way most of us Americans credit anyone with a British accent with higher intelligence than they really rate. 

Here is where you can read Debbie's story. WOMEN WHO FISH. Ladies, there are a lot of single guys out there who love to fish who aren't professional fishermen. Learn to catch, clean, and cook fish and you can save a fortune on wardrobe and cosmetics when fishing for a husband.

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