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 As you know I've long had an interest in complexity and chaos theories and all mathematical and physics developments above the "Euclidean / Newtonian line." ( See my post on Helios Ruehls, Inc, for an explanation of my latest project and links to my previous posts) ,  Unfortunately as I noted in Helios Ruehls most Western corporations are moving very slowly and timidly when it comes to research and product development above the ""Euclidean / Newtonian Line", areas where the geometries of Euclid and the calculus of Newton are inadequate to explain and model observable phenomena. One such area is the search for the TOE (Theory Of Everything) , the theory and equations that might explain why things at the macro levels described by Newton, and further described by Eisenstein  ranging from the galaxies to the individual atoms, don't behave or perform the same at their subatomic particle level. (See  Planck's Constant and The Origin of Quantum Mechanics | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios) Why are the behaviors and characteristics of subatomic particles of atoms that make up everyday objects in the universe so radically different from the large objects made from atoms? Though we seem to be a long way from the unifying theory of everything quantum mechanics research has already revealed quite a bit about how the subatomic particles behave, indeed enough to fuel some serious invention. (see The Quantum Experiment that Broke Reality | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios ). What worries your Catfish buddy is that the good old USA and the Western World are not the only folks mucking about in Quantum mechanics and other areas above the Euclidean / Newtonian Line. It seems the Dragon is in "the Strange Sea".

 The Dragon, that one party thug state appears highly interested in "Quantum Communications". Quantum Communications appear possible at speeds faster than light. (See: Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios ). In the Chinese system, the state while highly supportive of crony capitalism, none the less controls all aspects of individual and national life. So the Chinese are not bound by the typical  Western capitalists dogma as best expressed by "Mr. Wonderful" on SHARKS: "If your business is not making a profit in 36 months you don't have a business you have a hobby". 
U.S business communities noticed decades ago that Japan, had no problem planning things with payoffs that loomed more than a decade into the future. This was one of the reasons for the former "quality gap" between US and Japanese car makers. The closure of that gap took a couple of decades. Some Western corporations are becoming more open to longer term research and development but it is an evolution, not a revolution. The Dragon just takes and spends the public money as it sees fit. Much to Western consternation, it has seen fit to investigate "Quantum Communications".

  Soon China will launch the first quantum communication satellite, widely believed to signal a major breakthrough in Chinese development of quantum technology. Quantum communications will change our lives no matter who first breaks through, but it is never good for the Dragon to be first, for the Dragon always seeks dominance as the "Middle Kingdom". Their concept of the "Middle Kingdom" has nothing to do with a "middling status", it is all about centrality, as in China is the center of the world and all other powers are to pay tribute. ( Yes, we know, the Muslims believe the same for them selves but they are highly unlikely to get there by scientific research, industrial activity, or economic accomplishment. If the West wakes up in time they won't get anywhere.). Quantum communications will have a tremendous near immediate impact on cyber attacks, electronic eavesdropping, and other forms of information leakage. That such technology may emerge from the Dragon lair first is troublesome when you consider the old reptile's record on intellectual property protection.  

 And then there is the issue of computational speed. Quantum phenomenon indicates that a subatomic particle may act as if its in two locations at once, suggestive of faster than light travel. (See  Is Quantum Tunneling Faster than Light? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
Computing based on quantum mechanics could utterly dwarf the fastest processing power of today's fastest "super computers". Not something that you want the Dragon to have first. Today's computers based on silicon chips deal with data in a "binary function" meaning all data is rendered in terms of only two states o or 1 (or "on and off"). In quantum computers data could exist in both states simultaneously, indicating a capacity for exponentially more information. Such a development could make the Dragon a lot smarter, but not wiser or kinder. How much smarter would the Dragon become? Well as one wag put it "The concept of quantum computing is that it is like being able to read (and in our opinion comprehend) all the books in a library at once, whereas conventional computing is like having to read all of 
the books one at a time." 

 Not only is such quantum computing hyper fast, allowing a computation in seconds that might take a conventional computer one hundred years of operating time to solve , it may well be hack proof, at least when it first comes out. Oh great, a smarter, faster, more secretive, but still unwise, brutish, aggressive dragon.

 How close is the Dragon to this development? The Dragon will put into operation the world's first secure quantum communication "backbone" network around 2017, The satellite portion as previously stated is virtually on the launch pad. Why have you not heard about this through the main stream media? Well, we've addressed the American and most Western main stream media organizations before. As usual the shortage of coverage could be the result of either of two main stream media characteristics , or a combination of both. The main stream media (MSM) lacks the technical knowledge and insight to grasp the importance of this development, and it simply passed over their heads, or the MSM views the rest of us as too stupid to follow the story or grasp it significance. 

 To counter MSM anemic and biased reporting consider backing the frack and knowing your enemy

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