Monday, August 15, 2016


Why Australia’s Luck May Be Running Out With The Dragon

Being The Closest Western Culture Geographically To The Dragon, Australia Has Become The Lightening Rod for Chinese Anger With The West For Opposing The Chinese Land Grab And Refusal To Adhere To International Law in The South China Sea. Read the full article by Gideon Rachman @ Financial Times
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Image from article by Gideon Rachman @ Financial Times

 As reported in these pages in several posts over the last two years, China (the Dragon) has not fared well in the International courts with its various arguments for why it should be awarded the South and East China Seas as virtual territorial waters, even to the western beaches of the Philippines. Though China is a signatory member and even Security Counsel member of the United Nations it has refused to acknowledge the jurisdiction of UN established and recognized judicial tribunals over disputes concerning exclusive economic zones at sea. The Dragon's refusal is even more legally ludicrous given that such disputes are governed in international law by the United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea, a treaty that China is signatory to. But the Dragon being basically a thug state doesn't think the law applies to them when they want something belonging to their neighbors. The Dragon also being a crony capitalist state (despite it's communist label), is a little reluctant to directly threaten the United States or Japan , major export customers and deadly serious military powers with direct action at sea. But Australia being closer, smaller in population and gross national product they seem to feel comfortable with directly threatening. Bad move Dragon. Yes Obama is an idiot and a weakling, and yes you bought and paid for Hillary. But you forget that America not only has allies, but also real friends. The affinity between the American people and the Australian people will not tolerate an act of war against Australia. There is also a deep affinity between the American People and the peoples of Japan and the Philippines. The Chinese attempts to take the outer islands, shoals, and exclusive ocean economic zones of these friends of the US will not be tolerated by the American people regardless of what idiots du jour are in office. The Chinese Navy and regime can not survive an armed contest with the combined navies and coast guards of these friends.

 Mr Rachman does an excellent job of analyzing the situation in the FINANCIAL TIMES. We urge our visitors to read it. Above we simply go one step ahead and explain why the Dragon is over reaching and the likely outcome .

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