Saturday, August 6, 2016


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Image by Terry Goss,  GNU Free Documentation License

New England local papers and media report that possibly as many as six Great White Sharks may have been attracted to near inshore areas by a drifting whale carcass. The sharks were last reported seen feeding off the carcass as little as two miles off of Cape Cod on Friday. Noons Landing, Cold Storage Beach, and Beach Point have all been closed to swimming. Elsewhere beach goers are simply advised to be on the look out, exit the water at the first sign of anything resembling a shark and call authorities. As the carcass drifts closer in the chances that the sharks will explore the nearby inshore or near shore areas increases. However, at last report there was no sign of Great White Sharks not associated with the whale carcass in the area. The beaches named remain closed through Sunday August 7, 2016.

Thinking of a trip to a Cape Cod beach this weekend. Our advice either stay out of the water , or consider going golfing instead.

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