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Public Domain Based On Age Of Work (over 70 years since death of artists)

Educators maintain that we retain only about 10% of what we read, but 50% of what we see and hear. This is why visual aids are so important in teaching. Hordes of Muslim Jihadists have been attacking Western Civilization for about 1400 years with only a few breaks. Unfortunately, the recent onslaught happens after the Jihadists assisted  the Nazis in World War II. Few liberals alive today and attempting to dominate public policy and public information were adults in WW II and so the most recent onslaught that they think started in New York on "Nine Eleven" and in their mind is the activity of a tiny group of "radicals" and has "nothing to do with Islam" is simply not seen by the liberals as having any previous history. Of course to the liberal mind only their view  or non-view of  history counts. We think it is important that Westerners know the full and real history of the 1400 year old war of Islam upon Christianity, Judaism, Western Civilization generally and also the Hindus of India and other Eastern non Muslim civilizations. We've been printing information and linking readers to other printed information, and linking them to sites and books  on this subject for some years. Perhaps its time to link to videos, with their easier to digest and retain features. Try at least one of these linked videos a day

The Start of the Islamic Civil War Still in Progress:

 This 14 minute video picks up the story of Islam at the death of Mohammed and the split over Islamic leadership. It explains the split that we now know as the Shite / Sunni split a primary source of contention between Muslims in the world today. It also describes the start of the warfare on the west with the Islamic "Conquest of The Lavant 632-661 AD

How many times Muslims invaded Europe vs. Europeans invaded Muslim countries?

This 3 minute video utilizes a series of maps to illustrate the military campaigns of the Islamic World against the Christian World, includes a comparison of Islamic attacks vs the "Crusades".

Siege of Vienna [Documentary]1529  and then they came again in 1683 and inbetween to Malta in 1565

Malta 1565

And later there was sea Battle of Lepanto 1571 and finally the Siege of Vienna in 1683

Siege of Vienna 1683

 The siege of the Western World continues today, the suppression of native Asian religions continues unrelenting. The Muslim assault on freedom loving mankind never really stops. It makes strategic withdrawals, gathers strength , and resumes the relentless attack, while the rest of mankind tends to forget history. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Learn the truth about Islam, it can not only save your life and freedom, it can save civilization.

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