Wednesday, December 14, 2016


U.S. Navy sailors and members of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station clear ice from the hatch of the USS Connecticut as it surfaces above the ice in the Arctic Ocean. Wikimedia Commons/Public domain
Illustration from the Post :THE BATTLE FOR THE ARCTIC as published in NATIONAL INTEREST MAGAZINE 
 The links below the illustration above connect you to a rather comprehensive on line print article on the "contests" in the High Arctic over the natural resources and potential  ice free "passages" in the region. Below are informative video links on issues in the High Arctic region

Putin's Arctic Ambitions  11+ minute background on Russia's intentions for the High Arctic and Russian Capabilities

Geopolitics of the Arctic  11+ minute background on the geometry and economy and politics of the High arctic, but does assume global warming. We believe that the drive for resources in the High Arctic are not dependent on global warming. Otherwise this is a pretty informative and useful background exploration of the region and issues.

Russia's Arctic Ambitions -3 minute video on Russia's Arctic ambitions

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