Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Hannibal Crossing The Alps On An Elephant, painting by Nicolas Poussin

In 218 BC Hannibal Barca (247 -183 BC), better known as just "Hannibal, led an invading army into what we now call Italy. He won every battle but lost the war at Zama in 202 BC after his most important ally was bought off at the last moment. The United States hasn't lost a battalion ( about 500 troops) sized engagement since 1953 but we really haven't won any wars either. South Vietnam ultimately fell to North Vietnam. There is only a truce on the Korean Peninsula in place since the 1950s.  Iraq 1 led to Iraq 2 and it still isn't over.We are still in Afghanistan ISIS still maintains serious territorial integrity within Syria and reaches out constantly to inspire violence within our own borders. If our Generals down to our Sergeants know how to win battles, why can't we ever seem to win a war? Why is that in the end, after much expenditure of lives and treasures the changes sought by the US don't happen? According to Arrias on Politics: Why Don't We Win? as presented in the Socotra Daily  the key is exactly that "We'. We the people and government seem to have no will to impose our will on the enemies we choose. Our armed forces roll over regimes, and /or defeat armies but then we don't impose our will on the populace or new regime. Strategy, tactics, men, weapons and materials win battles, but the "winner" in a war is the side which imposes its will on the other. This is all explained beautifully in Arrias on PoliticsWhy Don't We Win? in the Socotra Daily  . Take a look at this thought provoking post. Another reason why we suggest the Socotra Daily  for daily reading.

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