Tuesday, February 7, 2017




Islam is considered a world religion, but in fact, of the nearly 3 billion Muslims on Earth only something less than 200,000,000 practice a form that is compatible with the separation of church and state. Such Muslims are persecuted by the majority. Even as the majorities pursue their own 1400 year old inter -religious war. Except for the few Muslims who honor separation of mosque and state and believe that "compulsion has no place in religion ", Islam is basically a political philosophy of world conquest meant to force mankind into a system of theocratic government. Both sides of the Shiite / Sunni divide agree on that much. What they can't agree on is who is the proper successor to Mohammed; the polygamist, pedophile, mass murdering, war lord they regard as "the perfect man", Both sides of the divide prescribe death for apostasy, that is to anyone who tries to leave the religion, and confiscatory taxes and ritual annual humiliation to those "people of the book" (Christians and Jews) that they don't kill outright. All those who don't qualify as "people of the book" must immediately convert to Islam on demand or be killed. They are not offered the option of becoming tax cash cows. Some of the tiny minority of Muslims who don't intend to rule the world over the dead bodies of the rest of us include the Kurds. About the Kurds the Sunni and Shiite say, "compared to infidels the Kurds are Muslim". Now, perhaps if you hadn't thought about it, you understand why the Kurds fight so hard for freedom from domination by other "Muslims".

Most of the Muslims presently demanding visas into the United States are not Kurds, nor from any of the largely less blood thirsty Sufi branches. Most of those seeking entry are in fact from the warring Shiite and Sunni branches. Certainly not all intend to personally commit murder and mayhem but the overwhelming majority don't seek to integrate into the larger American society either. Most will join mosques, and contribute to Islamic "charities" that in turn will funnel at least 8% of collections into Jihadist organizations. Most will buy and consume Halal food products where again at least 8% of revenues find their way into Jihadist coffers. Millions of American dollars are channeled directly to our enemies annually from a large portion of the American Muslim community, most of whom wouldn't hurt a fly, but wouldn't stand up to their Imam either. Islam, most branches, most Islamic people, constitute a clear and present danger to the continued existence of the United States under the constitution. In 1952 the government of the United States recognized that such situations could occur and took action.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 revised United States then existing laws relating to immigration, and naturalization. The Act which became Public Law 414 described and established the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of aliens into the United States. It has been court tested and never found to have a constitutional problem. It has not been rescinded and replaced by any other law, all leftist politically correct and globalist leaning commentary and criticism to the contrary.

In Chapter 2 Section 212 of the Act is a prohibition of entry into the US if the alien applying for entry belongs to an organization seeking the over throw of the government of the United States by "force, violence, or other unconstitutional means". The Koran, Sharia, and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam and contain scriptural passages advocating the persecution and murder of all peoples who will not submit to the demands of Islam including the the imposition of Sharia Law. The politically correct unrepentant and idiotic misfit political operatives of the left now say that Islam has an exception because it is a "religion". This leftist concept is illogical, Just as freedom of speech has limits where it directly interferes with public safety ( think of the famous example of yelling "fire" in a theater not on fire ) so does freedom of religion. Freedom of religion can not extend to exterminating every other religion because your religion "compels you" to do so. The law of the land is clear, an alien can not be a member of "any organization" that advocates the overthrow of the US government by any unconstitutional or violent means. Calling a system of conquest and coercion a "religion" does not exempt it from the the law.

There are other parts of the law. After a Public Law is passed the U.S. has a system of legal codification of statutes that makes them easy to find. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 is now found in Title 8 United States Code. When we look at section 1182 (f) we find that the President of the United States has the right, duty, and obligation to determine if an alien or "any class of aliens" present a danger to the United States and to implement such "restrictions" as necessary to prevent entry into the United States of such persons. There you have it folks. The President's so called "ban on Muslims" is nothing more than a temporary administrative delay in processing visas from nations known to harbor large numbers of Islamic terrorist operatives for 90 days so that  our vetting processes for visa applicants can be improved.

The President's very reasonable and necessary first act towards regaining control of our borders has been described by America's mainstream media as an unreasonable and inhumane act , unconstitutional and illegal. This minimal administrative act is in fact very reasonable, prudent, undeniably legal and constitutional, moral and ethical, and in terms of what the law actually allows is barely a speed bump on immigration reform. The law as written vests in the President the power to exclude any and all Islamic immigration into the United States based on the facts of the ongoing Muslim infiltration of the West as documented in the public pronouncements of both Al Qaeda and ISIS and in the demonstrated behavior of many individuals here and especially in Europe. A total Muslim exclusion would be the "nuclear option" and it is available to the President under the law. Given the horrific reaction by American Muslims and the Left in America I think it is incredible that President Trump has shown such restraint. Frankly, being a giant catfish from Japan I don't have any say so. However, I believe Japan is right in simply banning Islam within their borders. Frankly I'd urge the President to go Nuclear, the left is never going to be reasonable.


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