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 I'm  standing in for our Editor in Chief Johnas Presbyter today in alerting you to issues we've recently faced with TWITTER.  As most of you know our staff including Johnas are mostly former and retired naval establishment types and a bit on the conservative side, but I must say not exactly dogmatic. More over most of the founding members of the American Admiralty Information Net work are military veterans of the Cold War era and certainly no fans of Russia. But if you read this blog with any regularity you are well aware that none are registered democrats or socialists, or big fans of Hillary and Bernie. We all here at AAB are well aware of the lack of privacy on the Internet. We are here after all to publish useful or entertaining information and frankly to promote ideas that we think will work for the betterment of the nation. Some of those ideas are technological, some naval in character, some indeed are political. 

 We have entered cyber space because it is affordable, we don't need the funds to buy a news paper facility or TV channel. Indeed our "dashboard" for this blog is provided free of charge. However that is not to say that our dashboard provider does this sort of thing out of altruism. Bloggers provide the content that brings the readers into the dashboard provider's universe and the provider controls the advertising revenues and derives other income streams. We fully anticipate that our free dashboard provider is collecting data that is of use to them. 

 We also post to Twitter quite frequently with links back to our posts. Twitter has been an excellent means of drawing public attention to our observations and opinions, and free services such as on line nautical courses. With Twitter as with our dashboard provider we produce content, Twitter controls advertising and any other revenues derived from people visiting their site. What no one expected from Twitter was behavior similar to the main stream media attempting to police any sites that appeared to be favorable to Mr. Trump, the Republicans, or Conservatives generally. Even if we expected that we didn't think we would draw any fire since I personally have chided such conservative figures as Rush Limbaugh in print on this site. We have proposed solutions to the growing issue of under employment in this country guaranteed to offend conservatives, but we also don't fail to expose the hypocrisy of the left. Frankly I have to admit that we make no attempt to be "fair and balanced" but we do not disguise opinion as news. So we were quite concerned when we received the following from our server: 

"Dear Johnas Presbyter,
As part of our recent work to understand Russian-linked activities on Twitter during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we identified and suspended a number of accounts that were potentially connected to a propaganda effort by a Russian government-linked organization known as the Internet Research Agency.
Consistent with our commitment to transparency, we are emailing you because we have reason to believe that you either followed one of these accounts or re tweeted or liked content from these accounts during the election period. This is purely for your own information purposes, and is not related to a security concern for your account.
We are sharing this information so that you can learn more about these accounts and the nature of the Russian propaganda effort. You can see examples of content from these suspended accounts on our blog if you're interested.
People look to Twitter for useful, timely, and appropriate information. We are taking active steps to stop malicious accounts and Tweets from spreading, and we are determined to keep ahead of the tactics of bad actors. For example, in recent months we have developed new techniques to identify accounts manipulating our platform, have improved our process for challenging suspicious accounts, and have introduced new measures designed to identify and take action on coordinated malicious activity. In 2018, we are building on these improvements. Our blog also contains more information about these efforts.
People come to Twitter to see what's happening in the world. We are committed to making it the best place to do that and to being transparent with the people who use and trust our platform.

The inference was very oblique but clear. Twitter suspects that our old Cold War warriors might have been complicit with the Russian buggie man who "stole" the coronation from Hillary.  Frankly we don't believe Russian denials of attempts to influence our elections or Democratic claims that such attempts are at all effective. Indeed we were among the first to explain in no uncertain and verifiable terms Why Hillary Lost. If you've already read that post you know we fingered America's Christians for upsetting the scheduled coronation. While that would normally make the PC crowd happy we are hated because we didn't see anything wrong with Christians voting their conscience. Since the thinly veiled chastisement was directed to Johnas he responded. His initial response may be read below:

"I have no idea what you expect me to do. I like or retweet whatever I happen to agree with, or sometimes I respond to postings I don't agree with.  These sites don't carry labels that say "Linked to Russian Government sponsored Internet Research Agency." If you are going to assume the role of PC police you ought to eliminate all accounts and write your own content. If you're going to be a platform for the public let the public write the content and you can sell the advertising. If you are going to dictate a PC anti Trump, pro globalists, pro Islamic , pro unrestricted immigration editorial policy to your unpaid content writers you will soon be writing your own content anyway. Make up your minds, are you a platform and forum provider or liberal on line magazine? "

Well, OG (Old Guy the real head honcho round these parts) asked me to write this notice to our blog visitors since Johnas is so angry he can't seem to get a coherent sentence out just now. So the above and foregoing will have to do it. We've already been denied advertising, and the democrats in office in Louisiana have killed our status as an Amazon portal through taxation so we have been effectively demonetized for some time now. If we finally disappear from cyber space, now you know why. 


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