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  The Great Catfish Explains All: 

Updated 1/24/2017 w/ Electoral College estimate: 
Updated 1/25/17 Oprah Drops Out 



Has it really come to this? Have all the statesmen left the planet, or at least America? The American Main Stream Media (MSM) is all agog over an Oprah Winfrey run for the White House. So far the run exists only in their overheated imaginations.
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Oprah enjoys international name recognition, has the personal fortune to start a run and the perceived popularity to draw the big donors. But to the catfish mind' which so far you will remember. has demonstrated political infallibility; that popularity is dependent on remaining in the entertainment industry and could be shattered in the rough and tumble of politics. But the powers that be in the MSM and the DNC are thinking.....

Oprah could actually win against Trump. Unfortunately for these victims of stinking thinking that is only true if the Trump camp doesn't get the following out on Oprah. 

(1) Oprah introduced the world to Obama and backed Hillary that alone should keep the Trump camp encamped. 

(2) As a Commander in Chief Trump, who at least attended a military high school, observes common military courtesy, and seems well liked by the troops (consider that the Marines had to draft the crews for MARINE ONE under Obama and have a large list of volunteers to serve Trump). Oprah has zero experience and training and is basically perceived as anti military. Trump will have four years experience as Commander in Chief by the time of the next election and all of the indications are that his tenure in that role will be successful. Voters think the role of the President as Commander in Chief is important. 

(3) Oprah has experience traveling the third world and giving away money, which of course, was hers to give. Once President, she will likely continue to travel the third world and give away money, but it will come from US taxpayers. Trump has experience all over the world in doing business, for a profit, and is committed to getting the best trade deals for America.

 (4) While the mainstream media makes much of Trump's boorish behavior towards women in his younger days and the fact that he has married three times. The fact is; he is married, has great children, his wife makes a fabulous first lady, and he is openly Christian (Presbyterian) . Oprah, would enter the White House a single woman, co habitating with her unmarried partner, and is of unknown religious belief. She has been a strong backer of our former President, who did much to advance Muslim privilege. Again this will not attract any of Trump's base away. It will not endear her to Catholics or Evangelicals who may have held their noses last time and voted for Hillary.  . 

(5) Just as all male public office seekers have their sex lives thoroughly explored, Oprah won't get a pass. While there probably won't be any boorish behavior or allegations of forced sex, she is a single woman with multiple sex partners, and no marriages or children, not some one America's moms would really like to see in the White House even if they do enjoy her on the big and small screens. Trump's sex life on the other hand is old news, probably won't get much play, and his base has demonstrated disinterest. Oprah's sex life will be new and interesting in the public media and for the first time subject to moral judgments by married Christian America. 

 In short, while Oprah enjoys great popularity generally and is clearly the MSM's choice of the moment she can't touch Trump's base, which if they turn out will make it an uphill run for Oprah. Her pro-abortion backing and public backing of both Obama and Hillary might finally wake up the Catholic vote which split some what in the last election. Some Catholic clergymen when questioned by the laity about voting for Hillary given her pro-abortion stance told Catholics that "abortion was only one issue". Catholic clergy on Catholic TV are pretty uniform in holding that "the lives of the unborn are not negotiable". An appeal to Catholics by the Trump camp pointing out the litigation started by Obama and supported by Hillary against  The Little Sisters of the Poor attempting to force agnostic social policy that conflicts with the teachings of the Church down the throats of Catholic institutions would probably swing much of the left leaning Catholic vote that held their nose and voted for Hillary over to Trump. This is especially true if the nation doesn't fall apart under Trump, all indications are that his popularity is growing among Catholics.  Oprah will not draw a monolithic women's vote, women make up most of the leadership in the pro life movement, moms can not relate to her as a public office holder, she is harmless on TV but making policies that affect family life is another thing. She will not draw as much of the black vote as the DNC thinks, many blacks are Southern Baptists and will have moral objections to her, she is also a billionaire which a lot of the black community can't relate to. While this is also true of Trump if he produces solid achievements in raising black employment levels and wages in the next three years the black vote may not be a block vote.

 I think this is why Trump's reaction to the media's coronation of Oprah was so bemused...bring it on. She would be a very weak challenger despite the MSM's impression. This is a nation of as much as 79% REGISTERED Christian congregants. That means that an overwhelming majority of the population is so adherent to Christian beliefs that they dig deep into their pockets monthly to support their local congregation. Oprah's record is mildly but clearly anti Christian, her life style is non Christian.(See:THE GREAT CATFISH EXPLAINS THE HILLARY LOSS )

 She'll get none of the conservative or pragmatic vote, little of the Christian vote, some but not all of the independents, quite a bit of the black vote, and the women's vote will not be what the DNC thinks.  If the Trump camp utilizes any of the lessons learned from their last campaign and four years in office Oprah would be lucky to draw 46% of the popular vote. If the Democrats don't field an actual statesmen with a platform moved closer to center, Oprah is probably the best they can do selling the same old lefty globalists anti Christian, pro Islamic , open borders platform that we have seen the last 9 years. 

 If anything, if the draft Oprah movement results in an actual run at the Presidency, the Democratic party is finished, they shrunk the tent too much. Despite her star quality in the entertainment world, Oprah will be reduced to just a rich college drop out black business woman with no relevant experience that any one would consider in a president, and questionable moral ethical personal values system. (Trump withstood much of the same criticisms but on a second run it will be stale news),  If she stays out of politics Oprah can enter her retirement a lauded public figure, her lefty globalists views never seriously challenged. As long as she isn't put in charge of tax payer money people will acknowledge her charitable efforts as good. If she gets down and dirty in the political arena her life will never be the same and her wellspring of public good will will evaporate. 

 If she is smarter than the MSM and DNC idiots she'll quash this speculation right away and slide back into the king maker chair she occupied for Obama. If her ego is bigger than her brain she will throw her designer head wear into the ring never to emerge clean again. Those who say she is concerned about her role in history speculate that this would drive her to accept the challenge. If she takes a realistic and dispassionate view of her personal role in history she will realize that she has everything to lose by taking this roll of the dice.

I'm a giant catfish and I approved this message.


Update January 24, 2017. 

 Well, American Bipeds after the editorial board read my screed above they decided to run an Oprah vs Trump contest through an average of the non MSM publishing political pundits to see how the "fair and balanced" or at least neutral political analysts would predict such a contest at the Electoral College level. It looks like this averaged out: Oprah 189 Electoral College votes to Trump's 349. More over the Blue Red map of states looks worse for the Democrats than it did in the last election. All the blue is concentrated on the North East Coast and West Coast. All of the "Great Fly Over States are bright red. TO anyone traveling through the US other than these far corners the Democrats will seem more like a radical and dangerous minority in the eyes of "typical Americans" than ever before despite MSM attempts to portray it otherwise. I continue to stand by my  advice to Oprah, don't get pushed into this, you will cause the reelection of Donald Trump, something we know you don't want to do. There is a reason why "the Donald" met the news of your possible candidacy with a "bring it on attitude". 


 I guess the fun is over Bi peds. The news today is that mighty Oprah has publicly stated that she is not interested in being in the 2020 Presidential race. We think this is very wise of her. We suggest to the Dims that they use this opportunity to search for a successful democratic governor, if such a thing exists ; change their position on abortion, and find someone with a statesman like personality vice a "vibrant" personality if they want to make a decent showing in 2020. America is looking for a return to Juedao -Christian ethics and common sense in government and reliable mature leadership. We are tired of serial malgovernment, partisian politics, and flash bang personality contests passing as election contests. If all we are offered in 2020 is more tax and spend, shove down your throats liberal bunk, its going to be the Donald by a landslide. The first political party to grow up wins. 


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